Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Banning Natural Gas Heating & Cooking - HELL NO

Now the environmental wackos want to ban Natural Gas Heating, Stoves and Dryers.  To these idiots, we must say HELL NO.  First, it is estimated that we have a 200 year supply of natural gas in our country.  It is the carbon energy bridge to the future.  It is being used to fuel power plants to avoid coal because it burns much cleaner.  How do they expect to produce enough electricity to power electric cars, manufacturing, stoves, dryers, home heating etc without natural gas.  Radical Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) AOC claims that gas stoves cause brain damage.  No, AOC, smoking pot everyday causes brain damage.  I suspect AOC proves the case.  

NO self respecting chef, male or female would cook with an electric cooktop.  Only natural gas produces the kind of consistent heat needed to properly cook foods in a frying pan or pot.  Electric cooktops are horrible.  If they want me to riot at the Capitol, just take away by gas cooktop, heater, or dryer.   They will take my commercial gas stove out of my cold dead hands.  And, banning gas stoves would Destroy the restaurant industry.  Gas stoves are immediate and the heat is easy to control.  Electric is not immediate and it is not easy to control.   

Next, a when the electricity goes out forced air heat even with natural gas stops.  A few years ago when the grid went down in Texas our son and his family were freezing for a week.  They had to hunt down cords of wood to burn wood in their fireplace in an attempt to keep their children warm.  It turned into the wild west as people frantically had to find wood to burn, which was in short supply.  Matter of fact, what happened makes the case for installing natural gas generators to power an entire home in the event the electricity goes down.  

Finally, natural gas is more cost effective for cooking, to heat a home or to dry clothing in a gas dryer than electricity.  Traditionally, natural gas has always been cheaper than electricity; though the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) have caused so much inflation that in some states like California the cost of natural gas and electricity have both doubled.   So now government has to give the poor subsidies to heat their homes like they do in many European countries to solve the high cost problem that they caused.  

It is time for people with common sense to push back on these environmental wackos that are out to destroy life as we know it.  If they want more riots at the Capitol, just keep it up.  People have had it.  Government and the Deep State are out of control.  We must take back our country from these wackos to save America.  We must stop all the woke crap that is happening in our schools, businesses etc.  We must be energy independent to maintain a high standard of living in our country.  We have to stop the woke lunatics from destroying our country.  

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