Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Many Judges In America Should Be Impeached

The judicial system in America is supposed to provide justice for all Americans.   Yet, we sometimes see rogue judges that live in some alternative universe when they make their rulings.  In a recent ruling, a Washoe County, Nevada District Judge Brent Adams sentenced a man to just one year in jail for molesting a 6 year old girl more than 100 times.  Adams previously had given this criminal 10 years to life after the plea bargain allowed for a life sentence.  Adams then reversed himself on some silly technicality.   Supposedly, Adams is retiring in a few months; but otherwise, he should be impeached and denied his pension for life. 

In Massachusetts, Judge Joseph Johnson has denied custody of Justina Pelletier to her parents because they did not agree with a Boston's Children's Hospital diagnosis that their daughter suffered from psychiatric issues, rather than the mitochondrial disease diagnosed by specialists at Tufts Hospital.  Their daughter was doing fine while being treated by the Tufts doctors.  She is now near death as a result of being taken off medication at the Boston's Children's Hospital.  Johnson has given permanent custody of Justina to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.  This judge should be impeached for this outrageous ruling. 

The US Supreme Court has oftened failed to enforce the separation of powers ceding more and more power to the Executive Branch of the government to the detriment of our freedom.  ObamaCare is just one  example of many, as President Pinocchio Obama continues to make laws by Executive Orders, while disregarding laws on the books.  While our judicial system works for some, it clearly does not work for all.   WE THE PEOPLE need to act to throw the bums out, by impeachment when they have a lifetime job, when they do wrong.     

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