Sunday, March 9, 2014

US Foreign Policy - Now What

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has made a real mess of our foreign policy as a result of his "leading from behind" posture.   Obama is hopeless because he has not learned the lessons of Economics 101, International Relations 325, or World History 101.  It will be up to the next President to clean up the mess and restore American positioning around the world.  This is Jimmy Carter II followed by Ronald Reagan, once again.   The next President will have to deal with those in both political parties that support Isolationism; but for different reasons.   The Socialists want to gut the military both to diminish American power and to spend the money on their PEEP's, rather than National Defense.   Some Republicans are Isolationists both because they fear foreign entanglements and because they want to end deficit spending and pay off the National Debt.  

This Blogger supports ending deficit spending and paying off the National Debt; but as a student and teacher of World History, I know that a weak United States is dangerous to world peace.   A strong National Defense that guarantees our freedom and deters tyrants and dictators should be our nation's first priority above all else.   Hopefully, our next President will be a Ronald Reagan and not another Jimmy Carter, regardless of political party.  Assuming we elect a President who understands his role as Commander In Chief, to restore the damage done by Obama, we should do the following: 

1.  Immediately authorize missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic that were unilaterally cancelled by Obama without getting anything in return from the Russians.
2.  Restore monies cut from the Military budget to make sure the United States has a military second to none.
3.  Insist that our Allies step up to the plate to spend more on their own defense.   This means that Germany and Japan, in particular, must rearm to deal with an aggressive China and Russia, including the deployment of nuclear weapons.
4.  If we cannot get North Korea and Iran to end their nuclear programs, we will have to assist Israel, Saudi Arabia and South Korea with becoming nuclear powers.
5. The US must become energy independent so that we can export oil and natural gas, both to Europe and Japan in particular, to blunt Russia's economic power.

I know, I know, it sounds crazy to encourage various countries to become nuclear powers, however, all of this is about the balance of power.   The strategy of MAD, mutually assured destruction, worked for decades and actually prevented nuclear war.   All nuclear powers during the Cold War knew very well that a nuclear attack would bring a counter attack and total destruction, which prevented any country from pushing the button.   While Iran and North Korea might just be nuts enough to push the button to destroy Israel and South Korea,  that likelihood is lessened if both Israel and South Korea can push the button in return.   Clearly, the next President will have a mess to clean up in North Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific.   Let us hope that he or she has the guts to do the job.   

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