Thursday, March 27, 2014

ObamaCare Deadline Extended - What A Surprise

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has added to his 36 Executive Orders modifying ObamaCare, by extending the March 31 deadline to sign up to mid-April.   Obama did this after his minions were all over TV in the last few weeks saying the deadline would not be extended.  No one should be surprised, Obama always draws lines in the sand that he does not enforce.  The Obama daughters are very lucky.  They never have to worry that their dad means what he says.  So when he tells them they have to be home for 10 pm, forgettaboutit girls, 10 pm does not really mean 10 pm.  Or maybe it means 10 pm the next day.   Who knows with Obama?

Now the excuse is that Americans are too stupid to use the Internet according to Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader necessitating the extension.  Really!  Tell that to Amazon or EBay.   Obama already approved an extension for anyone with a hang nail.  However, people don't have to use the Internet to sign up for ObamaCare.  They can just call the 800 number and a Navigator, who could have a criminal record, will just take down their personal information to sign them up.   The reality is that ObamaCare is collapsing before our eyes along with Socialist election chances in 2014 and 2016.  

If ObamaCare was so wonderful, why is Obama spending a billion dollars to advertise the program to get people to sign up.  The government does not need to advertise Social Security or Medicare.  People go on line, or call in to sign up for those programs everyday.   Supposedly, there were more than 40 million people in the United States without medical insurance that was the basis for Socialist enactment of ObamaCare.  Where the hell are those people.   Perhaps about 5 million people, many of whom already had insurance cancelled because of ObamaCare, have signed up for ObamaCare, if we can believe the numbers coming from Obama, which is doubtful.  Most of the 9 million people that have signed up for free Medicaid were already eligible for that program before ObamaCare. 

And, 80% of Americans are now paying more for medical insurance because of ObamaCare.  Where is the promised $2,500 an American family was supposed to save because of ObamaCare.  The answer is no where because the average family is now paying $2,500 more to subsidize all of Obama's PEEP's getting ObamaCare for free.  ObamaCare is the second biggest Ponzi Scheme in human history after Social Security.  We also know now that it will cost three times what was originally projected and that the federal government will have to bail out the insurance companies because the numbers don't work. 

So what if Obama moves around a few deadlines.  None of it matters.  ObamaCare is a train wreck that has hit the American people.  ObamaCare is a national disaster as bad as Katrina.   Let's hope voters remember what the Socialists did to them when they go to the polls in 2014 and 2016.  It is pay back time to throw the bums out of office. 

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