Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Obama - Weak, Ineffective, Naive, Incompetent

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama never took and passed Economics 101, which is the reason he continues to call for higher taxes, more regulations and more government spending, all job killers.  Now we see that Obama did not take and pass International Relations 325, or World History 101 as he makes a real mess of our foreign policy.   Clearly, Obama is weak, ineffective, naive and incompetent and Vladamir Putin the quasi-dictator of Russia, knows it.  

Putin is pursing the Russian goal of 300 years of dominance over the territories near their borders. This is nothing new.  What is new is that Obama is clueless regarding Putin's intention, which is to restore the old Soviet Union.  Let's not forget that Putin was the head of the Communist KGB before he became a "democrat".   Ha Ha.  Unfortunately, Obama has no credability overseas because he keeps drawing lines in the sand and then leads from behind.  

It is time for Obama to grow a pair and take action.   Obama should immediately authorize placement of the missile defense system that was supposed to go into Poland and the Czech Republic.   We should freeze Russian Assets in the US.  Obama should throw Russia out of the G-8.  Most important, since Putin and Assad have reneged on the deal to turn over Syria's chemical weapons, Obama should give the order to destroy Syria's air force to prevent Assad from using air power against the rebels in Syria.  If Obama fails to act, which is likely, it creates a dangerous vacuum.  This along with Obama gutting the American military is a clear and present danger to the United States and our allies.  It is time for action not more feckless words.  

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