Sunday, March 23, 2014

Radical Environmentalism - Destroying Our Freedom & the American Economy

The Clean Air and Water Acts enacted in the 70's to make certain that we have a healthy environment had bi-partisan support.   After all, President Richard Nixon signed the Clean Air Act in 1970 because no one then or now is in favor of dirty air, or water.   The problem is that what we have today is Radical Environmentalism that is destroying our freedom and the American economy.   Secular Socialists have taken over the environmental movement.  They see it as another way to expand the role of government into all aspects of daily life.  In addition, the notion of Cap and Trade is just another Socialist Scheme focused on higher taxes and more regulations. 

We see this taken to extreme lengths by Obamanistas using Executive Orders to go way beyond the original intent of these laws.  Since Obama could not get Cap and Trade through Congress even when the Socialists controlled both Houses of Congress, during his first two years in office, Obama is now turning the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) into one of his Gestapos through Executive Orders, many of which are probably unconstitutional and should be challenged in court.  The end result is that Obamanistas are out to destroy the coal industry and all carbon based energy sources no matter what they say.  Actions speak louder than words. 

Radical Environmentalists have destroyed the timber industry in many states, including Oregon costing thousands of good paying jobs. It is no coincidence that millions of manufacturing jobs have been moved overseas because environmental regulations in the United States are often either impossible to meet, or so costly as to making manufacturing in the US unfeasible.  These used to be good paying Middle Class jobs and in many cases they were union jobs.  Ironically, Obamanistas talk about income inequality that they have caused by their Radical Environmentalism. 

Global Warming, which they are now referring to as Climate Change because we may actually be experiencing Global Cooling, is just another Socialist Scheme to raise taxes and redistribute world wide income from the richer nations to the poorer ones.   This is not about protecting the polar bears that are doing just fine; but rather confiscating more of our hard earned money in all sorts of taxes on energy. 

WE THE PEOPLE must stand up before it is too late.   The EPA Gestapo is even out to control rain water run off from our roofs, as just one more goofy idea.  They are bankrupting families attempting to use their privately owned land, including a family in Wyoming that built a little fish pond on their 8 acre farm, fully in accordance with state law and permits.   The EPA recently closed down a Gold Mine in Alaska to protect salmon without any proof that it would have any effect.  This amounts to confiscation of property without compensation.  The EPA is not only a threat to our freedom, they are job killers.  It is time for common sense not Radical Environmentalism.  No one wants dirty air or water; but at the same time Americans need jobs to prosper.  Stand up and just say NO.  Tell your elected representatives to reign in the EPA by starving the beast of funding.   

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