Thursday, November 3, 2022

To Stop Big Brother - Vote For Republicans

China uses the Internet to monitor all of its citizens giving them a "social acceptance score".  Those that support the Communist Chinese Regime get a high score.  Those that express any kind of opposition get a low score.   So they are watching all communications between their people to determine who they like and who they want to persecute and often prosecute.  This "social acceptance score" is the key to good jobs, money, places to live, travel etc.  In other word, Big Brother is always watching.  This is right out of George Orwell's book 1984.  The technology exists to do all of this and the United States has the very same technology that they are already using to monitor our actions.  This is not some conspiracy theory.  There is a huge federal government complex in Utah that monitors all communications presumably to deal with terrorism; but in the process they can see the actions of all Americans.  

The cancel culture we now have in the United States is designed to force Americans to adhere to the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Party line or be fired or even jailed.  God forbid, oh wait they don't believe in God that you should be an Election or Climate Denyer.  We are not allowed to ask any questions about these issues.  It is forbidden by the thought police.  And, if you don't support Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project racist, Marxist revisionist fake history and the radical LGBTQIA agenda, you could be labeled a "Domestic Terrorist" subject to persecution and prosecution.  Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrats) have weaponized Big Tech, the DOJ, FBI, IRS now with 87,000 more gun toting agents, Homeland Security and the CIA to monitor and terrorize those Americans that do not support their radical left wing agenda. 

The only thing that stands between a loss of our freedoms and persecution is election of Republicans at the local, state and federal levels.  Republicans oppose Big Brother because they know that what is happening in China and other countries and now in the United States is not only wrong, it is evil.  If you to support Faith, Freedom and Democracy, you must vote for Republicans in the Midterm elections.  There is no other alternative.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are a clear and present danger to our nation as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.  They must be stopped.  

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