Thursday, November 3, 2022

For Energy Independence - Vote For Republicans

When President Trump was in office, the United States was energy independent for the first time in four decades.  In fact, we were exporting oil and gas because we had far more energy than we needed.  We were not dependent on any foreign nation.  Feckless Joe Biden and Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrats) changed all that the first day Biden took office.  Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline that Trump approved that would have brought oil from our ally Canada and began cancelling leases to drill for oil and gas on federal lands in Anwar and the Gulf Coast.  The cost of living and energy immediately started increasing long before Putin's war in Ukraine.

It is shameful and ridiculous that Biden has to beg Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran to please, please ship the United States more oil when we are sitting on loads of oil and natural gas.  And, Biden has taken our Strategic Reserve down to dangerous levels in an attempt to save the election for Democrats.  Of course, it will not work because there is a Red Wave coming on November 8.  The United States has a plentiful supply of oil and natural gas enough to last for hundreds of years. When combined with nuclear energy, renewables and clean coal, we don't need to buy energy from any other country. 

So while Biden imposes the Green New Deal on the United States,  which will destroy our economy and standard of living, China the biggest polluter in the world is still building coal fired power plants.  China simply ignores the Paris Climate Accord and is doing nothing to stop carbon emissions in China.  In fact, China emits about 27% of the carbon going into the atmosphere every year.  The United States emits just 11%.  India emits 18%.  The United States is not the problem.  

In the meantime all the wind, solar and electric cars that Biden and his Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrat) pals keep pushing will make China even richer at our expense.  China controls the rare earth minerals needed for batteries because we have shut down mining in the United States.  China makes all those solar panels and windmills that Biden says are the wave of the future because we can't compete with their low labor costs.  So while China gets richer to build up their military and threaten the United States, stupid Joe Biden is making our country weaker.  It is time to wake up to save our country to Make America Great Again.  Vote for America First Republicans at all levels of government to make the United States energy independent once again.  Vote like your life depends on it because Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are a clear and present danger to our country.   

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