Thursday, November 10, 2022

Fraudulent Elections In America

There are states in America, particularly Blue States that have election processes in place that can lead to fraud.  The notion that thousands of Ballots just show up in huge batches after election day, once the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) see how many votes they need to win is outrageous.  What we are seeing in Arizona and Nevada right now is why half the country believes that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump.  States need to make it easy to vote; but hard to cheat.  That is why elections in Red States can be trusted and elections in Blue States cannot be trusted.  It is also why we don't have results finalized in many Blue States.  

After the election of 2020 and the chaos in Arizona, Doug Ducey, the Republican Governor should have  worked with their state legislature to enact the same laws that exist in Florida, or Ohio.  Florida processed 3 or 4 times as many votes as Arizona with results in on election night.  While a few weeks of early voting is fine.  Only those who request Absentee Ballots should get them.  Under no circumstances should ballots just be sent out to everyone on dirty voter rolls, which always includes the Dead and people that have moved out of state, or out of a district related to Members of Congress.  Those unrequested ballots are a recipe for fraud.  They are being voted by ballot harvesters illegally.  Yes, Joe Biden got 81 million votes; but won by only about 176,000 votes in 5 key states.  The real question is how many of those votes were cast illegally.  Just enough to win in key Blue states that had all sorts of Covid excused election shenanigans.  

Don't be surprised if the Nevada Republicans that were ahead on election night don't end up losing because just enough votes have shown up to defeat them.  Hopefully, it will not happen except for the fact that it has happened in past elections all over the country.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) use ballot harvesting to find the votes they need to win elections after election day.  We will see what happens in Arizona with as many as 600,000 ballots yet to be counted mostly in Mariposa County, with the majority of the votes in the state of Arizona. 

Half the country does not trust our election processes.  We must have Voter ID, signature verification, requested absentee ballots, proof of citizenship, manned drop boxes and ballot harvesting must be illegal.  We can never trust state elections that refuse to implement common sense laws to govern their elections.  So here we go again.  Watch what happens in Nevada and Arizona.  Hopefully, Republicans will be pleasantly surprised; but I would not count on it.   

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