Friday, November 18, 2022

The American People FIRED Fancy Nancy Pelosi

Since Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives effective January, 2023,  the current Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Speaker of the House Fancy Nancy Pelosi has finally been FIRED.  As a result, Pelosi has announced that though she will remain in Congress, for now anyway, that she will not run for any leadership position.  Hallahulia!  Pelosi will not run for a leadership position because she knows that the younger members of her party wanted her out.  That is the reality.  

Don't expect Fancy Nancy to stick around for too long.  As soon as her husband gets a little better, feckless Joe Biden will appoint Nancy Pelosi to be Ambassador to Italy.  There is an opening and the fix is in.  It would make sense since Pelosi is Italian and claims to be a "devout" Catholic, which of course is laughable since Pelosi supports abortion right up until birth and even beyond.  However, given that Pope Francis is a Socialist or maybe a Communist, he would find Fancy Nancy Pelosi more than acceptable to kiss his ring.  In Italy Pelosi will be La Contessa living in the 15th Century Palazzo residence for the American Ambassador behind gates on 7 beautifully manicured acres.  And, Paully, her husband who loves wine will be in paradise with Tuscany just up the road.  This will be a fitting end to Fancy Nancy Pelosi's political career.  

No doubt another Socialist in San Francisco will fill her seat, maybe her daughter by a special election to fill her vacancy.  The Socialist Fascist Party (AKA Democrats) are the party of the Northeast, West Coast, Illinois, Minnesota and various urban cities around the country.  Otherwise, when looking at a map of party control, there is a sea of Red all over the United States.  Republicans control the landmass of the United States.  And, even in the Midterm elections, Republicans won the popular vote getting about 5 million more votes than the Socialist Fascists.  

Firing Fancy Nancy Pelosi is the end of an era.  Pelosi is leaving along with the other 80 years olds in leadership,  The leadership of the Socialist Fascist Party will now be even more left wing than Pelosi if that is possible.  The next generation that takes over is even more radical than Pelosi.  That just means more Republicans will be elected in the future because the Socialist Fascist Party is completely out of step with the majority of the American people.  

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