Friday, November 11, 2022

Republicans Did Not Provide Sufficient Reasons For Independents & Blue Dog Democrats To Vote For Them

The Red Wave turned into a Red Ripple because Republicans did not provide a reason for Independents and Blue Dog working class Democrats to vote for them.  While Republicans actually got 6 million more votes than Socialist Fascists, (AKA Democrats) in MidTerm elections,  it was not enough to overcome the abortion issue that motivated young people and women to vote for Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) even though inflation, the border, crime issues and dislike for feckless Joe Biden favored Republicans.  The Abortion issue and perhaps cheating by ballot harvesting in Blue States are the reasons Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) won their races.  In essence, the Supreme Court decision on Roe cost Republicans many races across the country.  The timing could not have been worse.  

And, by the way,  President Trump had little to do with Republican losses.  Matter of fact, more than 200 candidates that Trump endorsed won their races.  As a result, more than 150 MAGA Republicans will be going to Congress and others will serve as Governors and in state legislatures.  The handful that Trump endorsed that lost were just bad candidates.  Even Trump can't get a bad candidate over the finish line.  What we are hearing from Fake News about election denyers is irrelevant.  

And, as we will shortly see in Nevada, Arizona and California, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) learned how to steal elections during Covid in 2020 by waiting to see how many votes they got on Election Day and how many more they still need to win.  Suddenly, a few days after Election Day, in Blue States, thousands of ballots just show up as ballot harvesters gather all the unsolicited remaining ballots to cast just enough votes for Democrats to win the election.  Republicans better learn how to play this game otherwise, they are destined to lose in Blue states that practice these shenanigans.   

While Republican leaders in the House put together some nebulous plan telling voters what they would do if they won, Senate leaders never signed on to any plan because the turtle,  Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell refused to sign on to any plan.  McConnell, a DC Swamp Lizard has to go because he is not a street fighter.  Most important,  Republican leaders needed to publish a definitive Contract With America like the one that worked years ago.  It should have stated the following:

1. Funds to finish the Wall to secure the border.

2. Stop the funding of 87,000 new gun toting IRS agents and using the money to hire additional border patrol agents.

3. Stop funding for the Green New Deal that will destroy our economy and standard of living.

4. Put laws in place to make the United States energy independent once again.  This includes and all of the above energy policy. 

5. Pass federal laws to insure Election Integrity.

6. Pass School Choice Laws to give all parents the right to send their kids to the schools of their choosing. 

7. Stop Biden's unconstitutional scheme to cancel student debt.

8. Investigate the Biden Crime Family and the corrupt weaponized FBI, DOJ, IRS, DHS and CIA.

9. Passing a right to life law for babies born from botched abortions.

10. Cut discretionary spending to help deal with $31 Trillion National Debt.

11. Provide the Plan to save Social Security and Medicare both headed toward insolvency without cuts to current recipients.  

12.  Increase the Child Care Tax Credit to help families.

13.  Make the Trump Tax cuts set to expire in 2025 permanent. 

14. Laws to deal with China to protect American jobs.

15.  Pass laws to stop woke indoctrination in our public schools and universities by tying federal funds to this issue.  

Of course, Joe Biden would veto most if not all of these laws; but it is ok because Republicans would be able to demonstrate that they are working in the interests of the American people.  Let Biden be known as No Go Joe.  The Republicans are likely to take over the House of Representatives and be in a position to stop Biden's agenda.   Their voters will expect action on all of the listed issues.  If they fail to get big things done, Republicans will not be rewarded with reelection in 2024.  It is just that simple. 

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