Sunday, December 25, 2022

The Deep State & Big Tech

With every data dump we get from Elon Musk at Twitter, we learn more about the Deep State's activities to control free speech and to cancel America First MAGA Conservatives.  Now we know that it was not just the FBI, but also other government agencies like the CIA, State Department, DOJ and others that were ordering Big Tech to prevent any information from surfacing that would have damaged Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) like the Biden's, Clinton's and Obama's.  And, that they were all conspiring together to destroy the Trump Presidency from the start and Donald Trump and his family, personally, which continues even today.  

The reason they were so threatened by Donald Trump and still are is that they can't own him.  These traitors have been feeding at the trough for decades.  Trump threatens their gravy train.  Government agencies have access to the "secret" facility in Utah that was put there after 9/11 presumably to track Terrorists; but that facility has the capability to track everyone in America if not the world.  The Deep State is using surveillance to establish their "enemies list" of America First MAGA Conservatives.

And, then they have been using Big Tech as Big Brother, as their enforcer to spread propaganda and stop the truth from surfacing about election fraud and the corruption in the Deep State.  This is not just about woke ideology though that indoctrination is happening too, this is about a threat to our basic freedoms like never in the history of the United States.  All the talk about our democracy surviving is real, but the threat is not coming from Donald Trump or his supporters, the threat is coming from Socialist Fascists, Big Tech and Fake News, the propaganda arm of this cabal.  

Since the Deep State was working with Tritter to achieve its malicious intent, we must assume that they have also been working with Facebook, Google, Apple and other Social Media outlets.  Now that the Republicans are gaining control of the House of Representatives, they must hold hearing using subpoenas to get at the truth.  There must be prosecutions for wrong doing.  All Americans no matter what their political orientation should be fearful of what is happening.  The Deep State combined with Big Tech is a clear and present danger to our freedoms as bad as any foreign enemy.  They could in fact be controlled by a foreign enemy out to destroy our country.  Given what we learn everyday, nothing would be surprising.  

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