Monday, December 26, 2022

Terrorists Attacking Power Stations & The Grid

Instead of focusing on prosecuting parents protesting against woke ideology at school board meetings and MAGA Republicans, the FBI better get its act together to deal with Terrorists attacking power stations and the grid.  Terrorists have figured out that they can wreak havoc on our economy and country by shutting down electric power.  There now have been numerous acts of vandalism in different parts of the country taking down electric power in those areas.  This type of Terrorism does not involve flying airplanes into buildings or much advance planning and it is cheap to do so harder to detect.

First, utility companies must harden their power stations and grid making this type of Terrorism hard to achieve.  The fact that two bit Terrorists can break into a power station without detection to shut down electric power is ridiculous.  Obviously, given the type of electronic security available today at our front door bells, it is absurd that this is be happening.  Clearly aside from armed guards which eventually may be necessary,  there must be significant electronic security surrounding all power stations.  Next, cyber can be used to shut down the grid entirely, which is an incredible threat to our national security.  This could come from domestic Terrorists or more likely our foreign enemies.  

There must be an all government response to dealing with cyber Terrorists that could shut down the grid.  Every utility company must be scrutinized to ensure that they have significant IT security in place to prevent an attack on their systems.  This involves a top to bottom audit and testing to make absolutely certain that their systems cannot be breached.  We know that big companies spend billions of dollars a year protecting their systems, yet they get hacked anyway.  In this case, however, the federal government must get more involved to implement a national strategy to make sure that hacking is not possible.  And, we must advise our enemies that any attempt to shut down our grid will be met with reprisals, which means immediately turning their countries dark if there is proof that they committed this act of Terrorism.  

It is time to get serious about protecting our infrastructure, which include electricity, natural gas, water, diesel fuel etc.  It is bad enough that China is killing our people by pushing illegal drugs into our country without any response from our government, shutting down our infrastructure would be much worse.  It would be an act of war.  

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