Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Cold War With China - Hotter By The Day

The Cold War with China gets hotter by the day.  Everybody knows that China has been using Cyber to steal American technology for years.  It is no coincidence that their military hardware, planes, ships etc. look a whole lot like ours.  Stealing technology has allowed China to fast track many industries to compete with Western companies.  All of that is a given. 

However, China is effectively killing our people in this war by shipping thousands of pounds of ingredients to make fentanyl to Mexico each year so that the Cartels can manufacture the drug.  Border enforcement is interdicting a small amount of the drugs illegally entering our country.  We will lose more people in the United States to fentanyl drug overdoses and even just exposure than we have lost in various foreign wars.  So in essence, China is killing our people without firing a shot and making billions of dollars a year in the process.   Clearly, we must impose serious sanctions on China to stop the drug trade.

Next, China is out to replace the dollars as the world currency with their Renminbi (RMB).  Normally, oil is sold in dollars.  China wants to change all that so that oil would be purchased in RMB.  If China ever succeeds in replacing the dollar as the world currency, it would  have a profound impact on our economy and standard of living.  

Covid was created in the Wuhan Lab in China.  In addition to causing millions of deaths around the world, it has cost Western countries trillions of dollars.  China should be forced to pay for what they have done; but that will not occur as long as Joe Biden is President.  And, then there is unfair trade.  China exports far more to the United States than they buy from us by controlling the exchange rate of the RMB.  This trade imbalance, which President Trump attempted to correct, continue today under Joe Biden.  Of course, the Biden Crime Family is owned by the Communist Chinese government as a result of all the bribes they have taken.  

As such, feckless Joe Biden will do nothing to confront China on any of these issues because they own him.  The Cold War with China will continue to get hotter until the United States says enough.  Congress can address some of these issues; but ultimately, it will take a strong President to confront China.  That is not Joe Biden.  

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