Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Biden Refuses To Visit The Border - Not Important Enough To Spend His Time There

Feckless Joe Biden was in Phoenix recently a stone's throw away from the invasion happening at our border and when asked if he would be visiting the border, Biden said it was not worth his time.  Really!  Over two million illegal aliens have invaded our country just this year, five million in total since Biden took office.  Thousands of pounds of fentanyl and other illegal drugs killing our people have come across the border in the last two years; yet Joe Biden does not believe visiting the border is worth his time.  Just unbelievable. 

Aside from all the Biden Crime Family corruption, there is grounds for the Republican House of Representatives to impeach Joe Biden.  Every President swears on the Bible to Preserve and Protect the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.  I would say the invasion at our border on Biden's watch is a violation of his oath of office.  Instead of the bogus Trump Impeachment trials, Impeachment of Joe Biden is for real offenses of malfeasance.  Aside form Biden's dementia, Biden is clearly incompetent; though I must say given recent Socialist wins, he is a good liar and politician.  

Joe Biden is owned by Communist China as a result of all the bribes his family has taken from them. Biden is on China's payroll as he continues to put America last in all his dealing with foreign nations, including China.  The EU loves Joe Biden because he is their patsy.  They hated Donald Trump because Trump demanded that they pay up and stop unfair trade practices.  How much more can the American people take of Joe Biden.  This guys has got to go.  Impeachment is the only way in the short term unless of course, he just drops dead, which given his age is always a possibility.  The only problem with either scenario is Quemala Harris, another incompetent buffoon and laughing hyena.   

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