Monday, August 12, 2013

IRS - Guilty Until Proven Innocent

In all interactions with the IRS, the American taxpayer is Guilty Until Proven Innocent.   When any American taxpayer hears from the IRS in an accusatory letter, which apparently is now happening with many small businesses, the IRS is accusing these small companies of under reporting their cash receipts.  Of course, there is no basis for these accusations, just because an IRS agent, another federal government Gestapo, says that it is true. 

When that letter comes, the American Taxpayer must spend time and money proving to the IRS that what has been reported is correct.   And, if an audit occurs and the IRS is wrong, there is not even an apology letter for wasting the Taxpayer's time and money.   As such, we need legislation that makes the IRS and federal government liable for pursuing frivolous audits.   If the IRS loses an audit, since we are already paying for them through our tax dollars, the federal government should have to reimburse outside legal and accounting fees necessary to fight the audit.  Only in this way will the IRS think twice about wasting the Taxpayer's time and money. 

Since we now see all the IRS Dirty tricks targeting Tea Party and other Conservative Group and Christians and now small businesses, it is about time for some accountability for the IRS.   Given all the shenanigans, these characters at the IRS should be guilty until proven innocent, just like the American taxpayer.  It is only fair. 

But don't expect action any time soon as long as Socialist President Obama is in office.   Public employee union members at the IRS that should be fired as a result of the IRS Dirty Tricks are getting promoted.   After all, those feeding at the trough take care of each, don't they. 

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