Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Obamanistas Miss 41 out of 82 ObamaCare Deadlines

The Obama Administration has missed 41 out of 82 Deadlines required in the law to roll out ObamaCare in 2014.   This is probably the reason that Obama delayed the Employer Mandate until 2015.  As Socialist Senator Max Baucus, one of the authors of ObamaCare recently said, "ObamaCare is a Train Wreck" coming at the American people.  What has not been delayed is the requirement that all Americans, even if they can't afford it, buy health insurance as of January, 2014, or pay a small fine.   Those who will really feel the squeeze are middle class Americans, who will lose their company coverage because cost are out of control and they will not qualify for subsidies.  

This will be many two income families that make too much to get subsidies; but not near enough to pay $1,000, or more a month for medical insurance.   Since ObamaCare failed to bend the cost curve and in fact will result in higher medical insurance premiums because of all the "free mandates" in ObamaCare, many companies will eliminate Dependent coverage and or convert jobs to 29 hour a week, part time status to avoid both the fines and the need to provide any medical benefits at all. 

We have reached a tipping point related to medical insurance.  Small and Mid Sized companies, that employ 70% of Americans, cannot afford to provide the same level of medical benefits, as was the case years ago, as a result of sizable rate increases every year.   ObamaCare has made things  worse.   But, now that Americans will technically be able to buy medical insurance on federal, or state exchanges, that they can't afford, without the potential denial for Pre Existing Conditions, or age, companies will just walk away from this obligation.   Ironically, while the poor may get insurance free, or for very little money as a result of ObamaCare, many in the Middle Class will go uninsured. 

This will all come to a head in October, 2013 as companies announce their benefits policies and the Exchanges go live.  As companies eliminate coverage for both newly created part time employees and Dependents, which is allowed under the law, all of a sudden millions of people who had medical insurance at company expense will have to buy their own.  At that point the sticker shock will set in.  At a minimum, on the Exchanges, it will cost thousands of dollars a year to insure a family.   Many Americans will have to choose between housing, food and health insurance.  Naturally, if they have to choose, they will choose housing and food and go without health insurance.  Sadly, this day is coming by the end of the year.  It will be ugly. 

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