Friday, August 2, 2013

First Amendment Rights Under Attack

Freedom of Speech, as guaranteed to all Americans by the First Amendment of the US Constitution, has been under attack for years.   The Politically Correct crowd has pushed for the banning of various words in the English language because they might be offensive to someone.  In the latest silliness, the city of Seattle is telling its city employees that they cannot use the words "citizen", or "brown bagging".   Apparently referring to anyone as  a "citizen" is offensive to non-citizens, or maybe illegal aliens.  Oh, I forgot, we are not supposed to say illegal aliens.  They are now supposed to be called "undocumented workers".   Brown Bagging, which always meant bringing a sack lunch in a brown bag, apparently is offensive to Blacks for some reason.  I can't figure that one out at all.   Growing up, if the bags had been white, it probably would have been called white bagging. 

In New York City, words like birthday, Halloween,  dinosaur and dozens of others are also taboo, since supposedly, they could be offensive to someone.  And of course, "Merry Christmas" is supposed to be replaced with Happy Holidays, even though it is Christ's birth we are actually celebrating.   Some of this stuff is really dumb; but shows how far the left and lame stream media will go in attempting to control our speech.   It is really bad on university campuses as all sorts of words are deemed "Hate Speech".  This is all ridiculous. 

What is not so ridiculous is that the day is coming when Freedom of Speech will be limited in the name of National Security, when in fact it will be to prevent criticism of the federal government and elected officials.   Always remember that Socialists, Fascists and Communists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  These characters are masters of propaganda that only works when they can completely control the story.   Blogs like this one and a million others are truth sayers.   This Blogger deals in cold hard facts that President Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress attempt to manipulate with lies at every turn.  

The National Security Agency, under Obama, is now spying on American citizens.  They are monitoring all aspects of communications; Blogs, emails, phone calls, letters, bank accounts, car license plates to determine driving habits etc. etc.   This is not being done just to stop Terrorism committed by our enemies, Islamic radicals.   This spying is happening because Socialists, in power, fear civil unrest against their policies and regime.   These Socialists fear the American people, a hundred million of whom have guns.   Why else would Homeland Security be buying thousands of assault rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition.

The day is coming when this fear will cause Socialists to close down Blogs and other means of communications that criticize them.  Obamanistas are already at war with Fox News, the only news network that reports the truth on a daily basis, which now includes all the Obama Scandals.   This is one reason that a Fox News Reporter was targeted by the Obama/Holder Justice Department.  That case was not about leaks; but rather a shot across the bow at Fox in general.  

WE THE PEOPLE cannot allow Obamanistas to continue their attack on the Bill of Rights and our freedoms.  Whether it is the 1st Amendment, guaranteeing us freedom of speech, religion and press, the 2nd Amendment guaranteeing us the right to own guns, or the 4th Amendment protecting us from illegal searches and seizures, these Socialists are doing everything they can to limit, or end our freedoms.   Enough is enough.

We need to make it very clear to our elected representatives, from both political parties that we are not going to stand by and see our freedoms diminished.   If they don't fight for us, we need to vote them out of office and elect representatives who are freedom fighters.   Our Founding Fathers fought a revolution to end tyranny.  If nothing else at this point, we need to make a lot of noise to stop the tyranny happening in our country. 

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