Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hawaii Wants To Get Rid Of Homeless People

The state of Hawaii has budgeted $100,000 to buy airplane tickets to send their homeless people back where they came from, or any other place they want to go.   Of course, this is just symbolic since it is estimated that there are 17,000 homeless people living in Hawaii and given the price of an airplane ticket, $100,000 won't go far.  Sounds heartless huh? But other cities have done it too.  New York City, Baton Rouge, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach County and West Palm Beach all have similar programs in place to get their homeless people off their city streets.  Obviously, it would be cheaper to provide a one way ticket to a homeless person than to take care of them. 

This solution is just passing the buck, so to speak and will do nothing to solve the homeless problem in America.   This is another Politically Correct deal gone wrong.   Somewhere along the way, it became illegal to round up homeless people and put them in shelters, or in some cases drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs, or insane asylums.   In fact, cities can't require homeless people to do anything, if they want to just stay on the street.  They can be arrested if they are a nuisance; but that is usually just a waste of time.   Most of these people have serious drug, alcohol, or other mental problems.  They are not on the street because they are poor, or have no place to live.  They are poor because they can't take care of themselves. 

Yes, all Americans are protected by our Bill of Rights, even the homeless; but anti-social behavior, while not necessarily criminal, should not be tolerated in a civil society.   These people need help.  They cannot care for themselves.  In a sense, the state must have power of attorney to properly provide the services needed to help these people prevent harm to themselves and others.  However, help does not come because of really stupid Politically Correct attitudes and in some cases court decisions that make it impossible to deal with the homeless in America. 

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