Saturday, July 6, 2013

Big Brother - Threat To Our Freedom

We now are starting to see the whole picture on Big Brother in the United States.   We learned that the US government is monitoring our phone calls and emails from that huge National Security Agency facility outside Salt Lake City.   Another shoe dropped when it was just revealed that the US Post Office is photographing all mail pieces processed through its operations; 160 billion pieces of mail a year.  So every letter we send through snail mail is being tracked.   We also know that the IRS Gestapo is fast gathering our health records, which will be even easier because ObamaCare requires electronic record keeping.   The only missing piece of this puzzle, which is not really missing at all, is credit card billings, ATM withdrawals and automatic debts that happen monthly.   The federal government already has all of our income data each year.

Since the federal government forced Google, Microsoft and perhaps other Internet companies to turn over their records of our activities on those sites,  it would be very easy for the federal government to gain access to all of our bank records, since banks are regulated by the FEDS.   All banks would would have no choice; but to comply with the Gestapo, if it has not already happened.  All of this is a violation of our 4th Amendment rights in the Bill of Rights, protecting us from illegal searches and seizures without a warrant; but so what, the NSA just gets a blanket warrant from a rubber stamp court to do all of this and then calls it legal.   

The Constitution, under Obama, just doesn't matter anymore, which Socialists have contended for years anyway.  Socialists see the Constitution as a outdated nuisance and as a result, they use every opportunity to get around the freedoms guaranteed us in the Bill of Rights.  Nothing new here.  It has been happening for more than 100 years.  WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say ENOUGH.   What good is protecting us in the name of Terrorism, if we lose our freedom in the process.   The federal government needs to focus on the bad guys, radical Islamic Terrorists and perhaps any home grown Terrorist groups in the US and leave us alone.  It really is as simple as that.  

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