Thursday, July 18, 2013

IRS Dirty Tricks - How High Does It Go

It is becoming clearer by the day that IRS Dirty Tricks were at the direction of management high up at the agency and maybe beyond.   Lois Lerner, the Director in charge of the unit that targeted Conservative and Religious groups, who took the 5th, rather than incriminate herself, apparently ordered that review of non profit applications, from these groups, not only come to her office before approval; but to the Chief Counsel's office at the IRS, appointed by President Obama.   This is not normal.  Lerner attempted to throw local IRS agents under the bus; but it turns out they were just following orders; her orders.  Now they are squealing like little piglets. 

The question is how far up the chain did this go.  Given that a Presidential appointee was involved in these Dirty Tricks, what did the White House know and when did they know it.  Further, none of this should be a surprise.  Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress have openly declared war on their "enemies", the Tea Party and Conservative Christians.  Socialists have referred to Tea Party Members as domestic Terrorists.  Obama constantly derides Christians that "cling to their guns and religion".  Is it any wonder that their lackeys in government would interpret these comments to mean that Conservatives and Christians should be profiled and targeted.  This is really a "hate crime" that should be prosecuted as a Civil Rights violation. 

Yes,  President Obama and his Socialist pals in government hate Conservatives and devout Christians.   We see it in their words and deeds.   Does anyone really think that information gained by the National Security Agency, while monitoring our emails, phone records, bank accounts, health records, letters and now car licenses won't be used by these Socialists to punish their "enemies".   We are dealing with Obama's Gestapo's at every turn.  Always remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   IRS Dirty Tricks is just the latest of many Obama examples that make the case.   We are just steps away from an Obama Totalitarian government that all Americans should fear a whole lot more than other citizens who legally own guns. 

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