Sunday, July 7, 2013

Racial Politics On Trial - Getting Really Old

What we see happening in Florida related to the George Zimmerman murder case is really a trial about Racial Politics.  Zimmerman's gated community was plagued by several burglaries; hence the community created a Neighborhood Watch Program.   Good guy, George Zimmerman volunteered to participate in the Neighborhood Watch Program, common in so many cities, to help protect his young family from intruders.  Ironically, the same judge hearing the Zimmerman murder case was the judge that tried and sentenced the burglar that was responsible for the break-in's in Zimmerman's community. 

In any case, one dark, rainy night, Zimmerman sees Trayvon Martin, a young, adult size, 17 year old Black kid, wearing a hoody, common with gang kids, wandering around the neighborhood.  Zimmerman had no reason to know that Martin was there visiting his father and step mother.  Zimmerman calls 911 to report the presumed intruder and then proceeds to track his whereabouts to inform the police of where to find Martin.   That is the whole point of Neighborhood Watch.

An altercation occurred when Martin appeared out of the bushes and attacked Zimmerman, breaking his nose, knocking him down to the ground and then ramming Zimmerman's head into the cement walkway.  Zimmerman, bleeding from his nose and head, fearing for his life, used the gun he was legally licensed to carry in self defense and shot Martin dead.  This case was so clearly self defense and had nothing to do with Martin's race that the police did not even arrest Zimmerman for 44 days.   The original arresting officer was pulled off the case because he could not find the evidence necessary to arrest Zimmerman.   But, Black officers on the police force and the Black Community insisted that Zimmerman be arrested.  

Emotional Racial Politics, even though Zimmerman is actually Hispanic, rather than common sense and evidence dictated an arrest.  It has become very clear, based on testimony from the Prosecution's witnesses, that Zimmerman did in fact act without malice and in self defense.   Though the judge would not allow the evidence to be admitted in court, Trayvon Martin had problems in school and was actually on marijuana the night of this unfortunate tragedy.  This kid had been in trouble many times before this incident; but the judge would not allow these facts to be admitted as evidence.   At the same time, the judge would also not allow the Defense to admit Good Guy evidence for Zimmerman.   What is wrong with this picture.    

This case has nothing to do with race; yet many in the Black community often can only see things through a racial prism.   Both of these people were in the wrong place at the wrong time with a tragic end result.   However, the testimony clearly demonstrates that George Zimmerman is innocent.  If Zimmerman is convicted of any crime, it will be because the kid that was killed was Black, not because George Zimmerman committed malicious murder.   Let us hope that justice prevails for all concerned.  Racial Politics, often stirred up by the lame stream, left wing media, only breeds division and distrust in our country when the story in question has nothing to do with race.  And, it is all getting really old, especially when it is not true. 

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