Thursday, July 11, 2013

Common Sense Immigration Reform Now

It is time for common sense Immigration Reform, not the 1,000 page Senate Bill, which is another ObamaCare-Like monstrosity.  Can we cut the crap please and do the following in four separate bills: 

Secure the Border - Bill One
Put state National Guard Army bases along the border.  Move some army bases that are in other states to the border.    Build the double fence along the rest of the border that already exists in some other areas.   Hire more border guards.  Equip those stationed on the border with high tech surveillance drones and other equipment to stop illegal aliens, drug lords and terrorists from entering our country.  Get serious about securing the border once and for all. 

Dealing With the 11 Million Illegal Aliens in our Country - Bill Two 
Provide some sort of legal status to Illegal Aliens; maybe a Blue Card.  Charge them a fine for entering our country illegally and make them pay back taxes owed.  Insure that they are ineligible for various Welfare Programs.  Have them wait in line for citizenship just like all others trying to enter our country.   Give their children that entered the country with them, when they were 16 or under, a path to citizenship.

Create A Guest Worker Program - Bill Three
Allow for young unmarried men and women to enter our country from Mexico to work in manual labor jobs.  Provide them an Orange Card that is renewable every two years for a small fee, provided they are not arrested, or convicted of a crime.   Make certain that if they have children in the United States, they retain the citizenship of their parents, not automatic US citizenship. 

Encourage Those With Skills We Need To Enter The United States - Bill Four
Allow anyone coming from another country with a college degree, particularly in Medicine, Nursing, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, or other Sciences an automatic Green Card for 5 years and a path to citizenship.  Allow kids from other countries that graduate from our universities an automatic Green Card and path to citizenship. 

That's it.   Common Sense and we are done.   Of course, it would be good if we enforce the laws already on the books, which is currently not happening under Obama.   Anyone in our country that commits a crime should automatically be deported; no exceptions.  And, if they come back and they are caught, they should get life in prison as a deterrent to entering our country illegally.  We don't need a thousand pages of baloney to make this happen.   We need to Secure the Border once and for all so that the rest of these things can fall into place.   It is just that simple. 

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