Saturday, July 20, 2013

Obama Profiled - Followed In Store

Socialist President Obama recently said in reference to the tragic death of Trayvon Martin that when he was young, he too as a Black kid, was profiled and followed in a Department stores.  I hate to burst the President's balloon, but as someone who worked his way through university, working in retail for several years, I thought I would tell the President that both uniformed and under cover security in Department stores typically watch out for young people of all colors because that is the age group most often involved in shoplifting.   Profiling does happen; but it is by age group, not color.

If the President had ever worked for a living in a business of any kind, he would know these things.  Look, there is no doubt that young Black men are sometimes viewed with suspicion because the percentage of crimes they commit in the United States is much higher than their percentage of the population.   In fact, though Blacks make up just 13% of the population, the FBI reports that more than 90% of murders in the past several years were committed by Blacks.  And, unemployment among Blacks is double that of Whites and other groups.   In particular, 50% of Black kids have no jobs.  Though there are more Whites on Welfare and Food Stamps, in real numbers, since Whites still make up a larger percentage of the population, as their percentage of the population, there are more Blacks on these social welfare programs than Whites. 

As a result in our inner cities, Black young people are often just hanging around on street corners and other centers of activity because they have nothing else to do.   That does not make them criminals, though whenever we see young people of any color just hanging around, there can be an assumption that they are up to no good, whether true or not. 

Can we please get past the racial politics and at least deal in facts.   Black on Black Crime in our inner cities is horrendous, resulting in hundreds of young Black kids being killed each year.   These deaths are usually gang and drug related.  Black Children in public schools are slaves to the teacher unions that ardently fight School Choice to keep those kids on public school plantations that are failing them miserably.  Most abortions are performed in our inner cities and many times it is Black babies that are being destroyed.   Even so, 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock, into poverty, compared to 4 out of 10 White babies.

Even though we have spent trillions of dollars trying to eliminate poverty since the New Deal and Great Society programs were put in place, the poverty rate is higher today than when Bush II and Jimmy Carter was President.   These programs, under Obama, have created more dependency, rather than eliminating poverty.  These are the facts and until we can discuss them honestly and objectively, seeking new solutions to solve the problems we face, without racial politics getting in the way, many uneducated Blacks in America will continue to experience poverty, misery and government dependence.  It is what it is.  

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