Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Politics - ObamaCare Employer Mandate Put On Hold

Always remember, Socialists, Communists and Fascists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Once again, fearing upcoming elections in 2014, Socialist President Obama has put the ObamaCare Employer Mandate to provide health insurance for their employees on hold until January, 2015.   This is being done because Socialists are scared to death to face voters in 2014 with ObamaCare around their necks.   What has not been put on hold are the 21 new taxes in ObamaCare and the personal mandate to buy insurance, whether someone can afford it or not, or be fined.   All of those features of this monstrosity legislation are still in place. 

And, as even some Socialists have admitted, ObamaCare is a "train wreck" coming at the American people.  ObamaCare did nothing to bring down the cost of medical insurance.  In fact, all the mandates and required "free services" in ObamaCare are dramatically raising the cost of medical insurance.   Further, young people in particular, that buy insurance privately, or on the new Exchanges will see big increases in their premiums to fund lower rates for older people and people with pre-existing conditions.   Many other employees will lose employer coverage and or end up in part time jobs to avoid ObamaCare altogether.  There is no doubt that there are winners and losers as a result of ObamaCare.   This is just another Socialist redistribution of income scheme, enforced by the IRS, that impacts one sixth of the US economy, all Americans and life and death decisions. 

ObamaCare is a monstrosity that should be repealed.  In its place, we need real health care reform that actually brings down the cost of medical insurance for everyone.  If sizable Republican majorities are elected in both Houses of Congress in 2014,  ObamaCare will be repealed; but only if there is a Veto proof Congress.  Both Obama and ObamaCare have to go.  Pending an Obama resignation that results from all the Obama Scandals, we are probably stuck with Obama for three more years.   But, perhaps common sense will prevail and ObamaCare will be sent to the ash heap of history where it belongs. 

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