Friday, July 26, 2013

Obama Praises Ho Chi Minh

While meeting with Vice President Troung Tan Sang of Vietnam, Socialist President Obama said of Ho Chi Minh, the brutal Communist Dictator of Vietnam, that Minh was inspired by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution and the words of Thomas Jefferson.   This is the same Ho Chi Minh that murdered, or enslaved millions of his own citizens to gain and stay in power.  This is also the same Ho Chi Minh whose caused many Vietnamese to flee his country.  Remember, the "boat people".  And, what an insult to the nearly 60,000 Americans who died in Vietnam, fighting for freedom, whose names are on that Wall Memorial, just down the street from the White House. 

What planet does Obama live on?   While it is good that we have normalized relations with Viet Nam because they are starting to move away from Communism to some degree, they are hardly a pillar of democracy in keeping with our governing documents, or the words of Thomas Jefferson.   Vietnam is still a Dictatorship, one party state, attempting to follow the Chinese model of Communist Capitalism.   As a result, putting Ho Chi Minh's name is the same sentence with the name of Thomas Jefferson is ridiculous.

Obama lives in a Socialist dream world.  He recently hosted a dinner for American Muslims, in honor of Ramadan, his 5th since coming to the White House, which is probably a good thing, provided they are not somehow supporting Terrorists, or calling for the destruction if Israel.  And, then Obama turns his back on the National Prayer Breakfast, usually implemented by Christian and Jews.   This is the same Obama, who says of Christians, that we cling to our guns and religion.  Obama is the President of his PEEP's, not the President of the United States representing all Americans.  That becomes clearer by the day. 

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