Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman Innocent - Racial Politics Guilty

Good guy, Hispanic, family man, Neighborhood Watch Captain, George Zimmerman was found not guilty of all charges in the murder of Trayvon Martin.  While the death of Martin was a tragedy, because all life is precious, it was not a crime under Florida law.   Zimmerman clearly killed Martin in self defense to stop six foot, two inch Man/Teenager Martin from  beating the crap out of him.   This is the reason the local Prosecutor and police would not file charges against Zimmerman.   The evidence just was not there to support a conviction under Florida law, no matter the emotional appeal. 

However, so called Civil Rights leaders, charlatans Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Socialist President Obama and others, that have gotten rich off the misery and poverty in the Black community, are guilty of playing Racial Politics, as they always do, for personal gain to bring this case to court.  The behaviors of these racial demagogues are disgusting and getting really old.   And, we just learned that the Florida State Prosecution, guilty of malpractice, that was brought in to file charges, suppressed evidence, showing Trayvon Martin in pictures smoking marijuana and with a gun and jewelry.   This information came out as a result of a Whistle Blower who has already been fired.  Of course, you will never hear any of this from the biased left wing, lame stream media, or these "Civil Rights Leaders" who constantly fan the flames of hatred and victimization in our country. 

The Zimmerman case had absolutely nothing to do with Profiling, or race and it never should have gone to court.   It would not have mattered if Zimmerman's assailant was White, Black, Yellow or Green.  Zimmerman had the right, under Florida law, to use the gun he was legally carrying to protect himself.   As such, hopefully this case is over; but don't count on it.   Martin's family, reportedly received a million dollars from Zimmerman's Homeowners Association, presumably paid by their liability insurance.  If this was done properly, this payment should shield George Zimmerman from any civil liability from the Martin family, since he was acting on behalf of the HOA's Neighborhood Watch Committee.   Besides, Zimmerman is not a rich man, which is the reason the Martin family went after his HOA.  Suing Zimmerman would be a waste of time and their new found money. 

However, the NAACP and no doubt other "Civil Rights Leaders" that make their living off Racial Politics are now calling for the corrupt Obama/Holder Justice Department to file federal charges against George Zimmerman for violating Trayvon Martin's Civil Rights.  Nothing of the kind was ever proven in the murder trial; but that does not matter to those who always play Racial Politics.  It is conceivable that if federal charges are filed and Zimmerman is found guilty, regardless of the double jeopardy it would represent, that he could face life in prison, or even the death penalty. 

Hopefully, it will not happen because it was shown in the current trial that nice guy, Hispanic George Zimmerman doesn't have a racist bone in his body.  Maybe common sense and decency will prevail, but again, don't count on it.  Obama/Holder always take care of their PEEP's and punish their enemies.   At a minimum, Obama will use this incident to call for more gun control measures, even though Zimmerman was just exercising his Second Amendment rights, in accordance with US and Florida state law.

Aside from Martin's death, what is really sad is that Black on Black crime in the inner cities of our country results in many more murders each year of young Blacks than any White, or Brown on Black crime.   Gang and drug violence has made the inner cities of the United States a war zone.   Not to mention the fact that failing public schools hurt poor Blacks most.  And, more often than not, it is poor Black women aborting their babies.  The infanticide that often happens in the inner cities of our country is the real tragedy and evil stain on our nation.  

Yet, we never hear anything from Socialist President Obama and other so called vocal Civil Rights leaders about any of this because they would rather play Racial Politics to make money and win elections.  That is the real crime we face in America everyday.   Maybe one day Blacks will wake up and realize they are being played by the very people that claim to represent them.   Until that happens, Racial Politics will continue in our country. 

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