Monday, July 22, 2013

The Great Divide In America

The left wing, lame stream media is always talking about the great divide in America that is growing between rich and poor.   That is all baloney.  The real divide is between Takers, dependent on government and hard working Makers that pay all the income taxes in the United States.   Only a small percentage of Makers, who have played by the rules, are rich.   They are instead people with family and moral values that have worked hard to get a good education, or learn a marketable job skill.   The Makers in society put off instant gratification for long term benefit for themselves and their families. 

There are some Takers in our country who are mentally, or physically disabled, or that have suffered injuries in the military that warrant our support; but there are also Takers that drop out of high school, or that continue to have babies out of wedlock that deserve no support from the American taxpayer because they should be held responsible for their own actions.  Those with little education, or marketable job skills, of their own making, are destined to be on the dole, living in poverty, no matter how much we spend on them.   Sadly, it is what it is. 

These Takers come in all colors and races.   In fact, in real numbers, there are more Whites on Welfare, Disability Benefits and Food Stamps than Blacks; though as a percentage of their population, minorities make up more of the poor.   Trillions have been spent since the New Deal and Great Society Programs were put in place to eliminate poverty; but the poverty rate is higher today, under Obama, than when both Jimmy Carter and Bush II were Presidents.   Throwing more money at the problem, as always advocated by Socialists, is money down a rat hole. 

We do need to be concerned about the Great Divide between Makers and Takers; but it will take honesty, innovative solutions and tough love to solve the problems we face in our inner cities.   Welfare must be turned into Workfare and or Schoolfare.   Food Stamps must only be given to people willing to work.   Rewarding women, who have babies out of wedlock, with more benefits, is just plain dumb.   We have to end the fraud that is common with Disability benefits; by putting people in jail that collect benefits when there is nothing wrong with them.  That money is coming right out of the Social Security Trust Fund, which is already on the road to insolvency.

Finally, both Socialists and Republicans must stand up to the teacher unions by providing School Vouchers to parents with kids in failing, inner city public schools, so that they can send their children to private schools to break the cycle of poverty.   These poor kids are slaves on the public school plantations, all over the United States, run by the teacher unions for their personal gain and nothing else.   It has to stop. 

Yes, there is a Great Divide in America; but it has nothing to do with rich and poor as contended by Obamanistas and other left wing Socialists.   It is the divide between Makers and Takers; between hard work and those that refuse to work and between the educated and the uneducated.   Until we deal with these issues honestly, poverty in America is destined to increase no matter how much money we borrow and throw at the problem.    

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