Monday, July 15, 2013

Obama Scandals & The Republicans In 2014-16

Now that the Zimmerman murder trial is hopefully finally over and it fades from the news, the Obama Scandals will reemerge as the topics of the day.   We are still dealing with the lies in Fast and Furious, Benghazi Cover Up, IRS Dirty Tricks, seizing of Reporters Phone Records, the Big Brother NSA monitoring of all aspects of daily life and the State Department cover up of their drug and sex stories.   Obama is off to a pretty rotten start in his second Administration; that's for sure.   And, then there is ObamaCare that will hit the nation like a ton of bricks next January. 

However, if Republicans think these Scandals and dislike of ObamaCare are their ticket to keeping the House in 2014 and winning back the Senate; which are very feasible, they better start working on a common sense message to attract the 5 - 6% of additional voters we need to win back the Presidency in 2016.   In addition to our Conservative base, we must add more single women, Latinos, young people and well off Gays to our coalition to win elections.    And, it can be done with nuanced positions on Abortion, Immigration Reform, creating a healthy economy to provide more Jobs for young people and support for Gay Civil Unions.   All of these things can be done without violating Conservative principles on  these issues.    We need a rejuvenated message and great messengers to win elections.   Old Republican dinosaurs, that have been in office for 30 years or more, need to move to the back of the room, please. 

Yes, we support limited government, Free Market Capitalism, less taxes and regulations and a smart National Defense; but we also must recognize that to win elections, Conservatives must play interest group politics, the same as Socialists.   The world can be coming down around them, but there are lots of single issue voters in America that only vote on the basis of their one big concern.   If Conservatives don't speak to these people in ways that work for us and the voter, we can never be the majority party in America again.  It is time for Republicans to get with the program, or go the way of the Whig Party.   The clock to 2014 and 2016 is ticking.  The time is now. 

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