Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dealing With Poverty In America

We need to deal with poverty in America; but to do so we must recognize that contrary to Socialist President Obama's assertions, the poor are not poor because the rich are rich.  In fact, income inequality in the US occurs because the poor are poorly educated and as a result lack marketable job skills, not because the rich and middle class have all the money and or property in the country.   Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress would have you believe that the pie is only so big and that it must therefore be redistributed to make the rich and middle class poorer, so that the poor can get richer.   That is a bold face lie. 

It is true that there are winners and losers in a Capitalist society; but that occurs because free markets, if allowed to take their course, without government intervention, which does not happen in the most countries, will weed out the inefficient use of resources.   This is positive and the basis for innovation and economic development.  However, the only winners in a Socialist, Communist, or Fascist society are the people in power.  Otherwise, other people are all losers when these ideologies prevail.   We are seeing that now under Obamanomics as the poor and middle class are worse off today than the day Obama was elected.  The rich did OK under Obama, until the Fiscal Cliff deal and ObamaCare, which will now take more from them too, which in the end will kill jobs, hurting the poor and middle class. 

The Makers in our society have spent trillions of hard earned dollars trying to eliminate poverty in America under the New Deal, Great Society and other Socialist Schemes and the poverty rate today, under Obama, is actually higher than when both Bush II and Jimmy Carter were Presidents.   That is because money spent on Welfare, Disability, Food Stamps, Medicaid and Public Schools, as currently constructed has all been money down a rat hole since these monies have done nothing to actually get people off the dole.  Instead, we need new solutions that will work to actually eliminate poverty and not perpetuate it.

Let's start with Workfare and Schoolfare instead of Welfare.   Any able bodied person on the dole should have to work for it cleaning up fealty inner cities and public schools and painting over graffiti.  Or, these people should be in vocational schools learning a trade.  And, part of a Welfare payment should relate to keeping their children in school until high school graduation.   The notion that we give money to able bodied people with no strings attached is counter productive and does nothing to eliminate poverty. 

We need to track down men who repeatedly father illegitimate children and then don't provide support.  These men need to experience some jail time to keep their zippers up.   Otherwise, a male chastity belt might be a good idea. Yes, that was a joke.  We have to deal with gangs in the inner cities of our country, which also means securing our border to shut down the drug trade to make inner cities safe again.   This is not about taking guns off our streets; but rather taking bad people off our streets. 

Parents with poor children in failing public schools must be given School Vouchers to allow those parents to put their kids in private schools.  This means taking on the teacher unions to get these kids, much like slaves, that are stuck on the public school plantation, with teacher unions as their new masters.  Paying poor kids to graduate from high school would be a good use of public money too.  

Finally, we have to speak truthfully about poverty in America without fear of being called a racist to deal with it.   Blacks make up about 13% of the population; but commit over 90% of murders and much of this is Black on Black crime.  7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock into poverty as contrasted with 4 out of 10 White babies, which is bad enough.   Government programs have destroyed the Black family in our inner cities.  In general, many inner city Blacks are poorly educated and can't even speak, read, or write English sufficiently well to function in our society.   These people are products of lousy inner city public schools.   Black Civil Rights, political and church leaders must take up these factual issues to eliminate poverty in America.   It will not happen until we all face the truth. 

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