Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fighting For Civil Rights In America

The Obama Justice Department, led by liar and bumbler Attorney General Eric Holder is now investigating whether Trayvon Martin's Civil Rights were violated in the Zimmerman murder case.  Of course, the answer is No, since that case had nothing to do with race.   This was not a hate crime as defined by state, or federal statutes and everyone with a brain knows it; but it does not matter in the game of racial politics.   And now, Liar Holder is attacking the very notion of Self Defense when attacked and Stand Your Ground, the law in Florida and many other states.  Oh well, once again law abiding citizens, exercising their Rights are the enemy to Obamanistas.   So what's new?  In any case, real Civil Rights violations happen every day. 

Several hundred thousand innocent unborn children, that should have a right to life, are murdered by infanticide abortion, each year.   Anyone audited by the IRS is presumed guilty until the taxpayer spends a lot of money to prove otherwise.  The National Security Agency is monitoring all aspect of daily life by seizing our phone records, emails and even photo copying the to and from on every letter we send by snail mail.  Obama Big Brother is watching us like never before.   ObamaCare will require doctors to share our medical information with the federal government in violation of our privacy rights.  Those who own guns continue to be threatened by more and more restrictions. 

Local, State and Federal governments continue to confiscate the fruits of our labor through all kinds of taxes, fees and charges.   The IRS targets Conservative and Religious groups that don't tow the party line.  Kids in failing public schools, particularly in the inner cities, are forced to stay there as slaves on the government plantation to support teacher unions.  Baton carrying New Black Panthers threaten people at a voting booth and Liar Holder does nothing about it.  Black on Black crime results in the murder of hundreds of Black kids every year with no outcry from Civil Rights leaders.  

Yes, we do need to fight for Civil Rights in America; but it goes way beyond any traditional definition.   All Americans are being denied their Civil Rights, as originally guaranteed us in the Bill of Rights, in one way or another.   The last hundred years of Socialist Creep has incrementally taken from us our freedoms.  ObamaCare is just the latest blow when the Supreme Court said the federal government can basically force us to do anything they choose.   We are no longer living in a Free Country; that's for sure.   When we talk about fighting for our Civil Rights, we need to broaden the discussion to get it right.   This is not just about racial discrimination anymore.   In fact,  racial discrimination is the least of our problems related to fighting for our Civil Rights because the things happening to us threaten all Americans of every color. 

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