Friday, August 16, 2013

Egypt - When Civil Society Breaks Down

What we are seeing in Egypt will be coming to a town near you in the United States, if we don't get our deficit spending under control.  Our official Obama National Debt of about $17 Trillion to date, with no end in sight, is only part of the story.  There is another $100 Trillion, or more, in unfunded liability sitting out there related to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and federal pensions.  This does not include local and state public employee pensions, many of which are also under funded and headed toward insolvency. 

If all the wealth in the United States, not just a percentage, was confiscated from everyone with assets, there would not be enough to cover all of this Public Debt.   Ultimately, the Federal Reserve will have to print even more money than they are already doing to pay government pensions and all of Obama's PEEP's on the dole.     When that happens, we will have very high interest rates and inflation.   The dollar will become worthless.   Don't think it can't happen in the United States.   It did happen in Germany after World War I when people needed a wheel barrel of paper money to buy a loaf of bed.   Ultimately, all of this lead to Adolf Hitler and we will see the same thing in America when we have riots on our streets. 

What is happening in Egypt is not just about religious divisions in their society; though that is part of the story.   Al Queda is there stirring up trouble along with the radical Muslim Brotherhood; both of which are Terrorist Organizations.  However, the fact is that about half of Egyptians have no jobs, or money.   The economy in Egypt has collapsed.   Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are providing aide to feed the Egyptian people, or things would be even worse.   They are getting a bread ration and that is about it.  What we are seeing is the breakdown of civil society that occurs when there is economic collapse. 

The United States is also headed toward economic collapse.   The Obama federal government is currently borrowing 40 cents for every dollar we spend.  And, since there are not enough outside investors willing to buy US Debt, the Federal Reserve is just printing money to buy our monthly Debt Offerings.   We have already reached crisis as evidenced by a lack of investors willing to buy all of our Debt each month.  Wake up America.   Egypt is the end of our story if we allow Obama and his Socialist pals in government to continue on their spending trajectory.   If this deficit spending does not stop and soon, buy guns, ammunition, gold and real estate, things that are tangible because money in the bank will be worthless.   And sadly, the day may come when you have to defend your home and family. 

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