Friday, August 23, 2013

Obama's Black Sons

Socialist President Obama attempted to turn the killing of Trayvon Martin, which was clearly a self defense case, into a racially inspired murder.  The court case proved it was no such thing as George Zimmerman was found innocent.   Obama went on the say that if he had had a son, he could very well have looked like Martin.  Really?   Would Obama's fictitious son have acted like Martin, who had problems in school and took drugs.  Not likely.  Now we have another high profile case that happened in Oklahoma; but it is just an example of many, of three young thugs; two Blacks and one White that murdered a young college student, here from Australia, in cold bold, while he was jogging. 

First, premeditated murder, often in heinous crimes, is evil and the hand of the devil, no matter if the  murderer is Black, White or Green.  Premeditated murder is by definition a hate crime regardless of the color, or sexual, or religious orientation of the victim.  These three thugs in Oklahoma said they did it because they were "bored".  Since they will be tried as adults, we will see how bored they are if they get life in prison, or better yet the death penalty for their crime.   But none of this should be a surprise to anyone, the crime we see in our society and these murders, 93% of the time committed by young Black men, are an indication of the destruction of our families and culture caused by an anything goes secular society where the the line has been blurred between right and wrong.   The fact is that public schools don't teach Judeo Christian values any more.  And, when we took God out of the home and our public schools, the devil moved in. 

In particular, the federal government has destroyed the Black family, by promoting having children out of wedlock to get more government benefits.   73% of Black children today are born to single moms into poverty, misery and often crime.  The government handing out Welfare, Food Stamps and Medicaid, has become the new slave master as Obama has made it easier for his PEEP's to go on the dole.   This combined with lousy public schools in the inner cities of our country, controlled by teacher unions, that will not allow these poor Black children to escape their domination, by utilization of School Vouchers, completes the story.

In any case, this Blogger must wonder if Obama would like to claim both the Black thugs that frequently murder people and the Blacks that are murdered by them, as looking like his sons, if he had any.   Sadly, we will not see Obama go on TV and speak the truth and nothing but the truth about the problems we face in the the Black community in our inner cities.  The breakdown of the Black family caused by the federal government and lousy public schools has led to poverty, misery and often murder.  Until all of us, most importantly including Black Civil Rights and other leaders speak and deal with the truth, many who look like all of our sons will be murdered.  And, those who live off the poverty and misery of poor Blacks will continue to play the race card to enrich themselves.   It is what it is. 

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