Thursday, August 27, 2009

Senator Edward Kennedy - A Misguided Legacy

Many are mourning the death of left wing Democrat Socialist Senator Edward (Teddy) Kennedy, christened the "lion of the Senate" by the liberal media. Mr. Kennedy was first elected to the US Senate in 1962, to fill his brother John's seat, when he was 30 years old. Senator Kennedy served as the senior Senator from Massachusetts for almost 47 years and as such he deserves gratitude from all for his years of public service. Unfortunately, as a result of his socialist, left wing ideology, Senator Kennedy did far more harm than good during his tenure.

Senator Kennedy could be a Democrat Socialist because his father Joseph P. Kennedy was a ruthless, capitalist and some would say scoundrel that left behind a fortune including the Merchandise Mart in Chicago (several square blocks in size) the allowed Senator Kennedy to collect millions each year in income. The fact is that Senator Edward Kennedy, like President Obama, never managed any public or private enterprise or "worked for a living" a day in his life. Senator Kennedy never held a real job in the private sector which is the reason for his complete disconnect with the American people. Kennedy never understood what it meant to "make payroll" because he always had our tax money at his disposal.

Kennedy was a typical left wing, tax and spend Democrat Socialist that had no clue about the American economy. So the thought that he would wag his finger at the corporate executives before his Senate committee, that had actually created jobs, is really despicable. And, making matters worse, Senator Edward Kennedy not only inherited his family's money he also inherited all the Kennedy well known, character flaws making his grand standing even more offensive.

In any case, when Senator Kennedy took office in 1962, there was a vibrant textile, furniture and fishing industry in the Northeast. Over the years the textile and furniture industries first moved to the South to seek a better business environment and then eventually left the country entirely and has relocated to Asia Pacific. The fishing industry that spawned the term "Boston Cod" is significantly smaller today because of federal regulations preventing American fishermen from fishing off our shores. Those restrictions by the way do not apply to other countries that do fish off our shores. These things occurred because Senator Kennedy has been instrumental in the passage of many job killer laws that have resulted in jobs moving over seas. So the very people he was trying to help, he ultimately put out of work.

In addition, Senator Kennedy has always been a champion of Social Security and Medicare which are predicated on a younger generation paying for the benefits of the older generation. Over the years, though Senator Kennedy was a Roman Catholic and the church opposes abortion, Senator Kennedy was an ardent proponent of unrestricted abortion. Since Roe V. Wade became the law of the land in 1971, over 20 million innocent babies have suffered abortion murder. Aside from the sin against humanity that is abortion, these 20 million babies would have grown up into tax paying citizens had they survived. 70 million baby boomers are now retiring. Clearly, one of the main reasons Social Security and Medicare are bankrupt is that this lost generation is not here to fund these programs. As such, Senator Kennedy in supporting abortion acted to harm Social Security and Medicare. In addition, Senator Kennedy has played a big role in bankrupting our country over the years by adding social programs that are just not sustainable.

Finally, Senator Edward Kennedy was vicious in his attacks on Republican Supreme Court nominees Bork, Thomas, Roberts and Alito and then asked Republicans to be kind to recently appointed Supreme Court Justice Sotomajor. As such, Senator Kennedy was a hypocrite of the highest order. And, Kennedy was opposed to both Iraq wars even when EVERYONE thought that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Senator Kennedy, along with President Obama, is a member of the "blame America" crowd that faults the United States for all the problems of the world. The United States is not safer today because of Senator Kennedy's tenure in office because he always supported gutting the military and our intelligence agencies.

Senator Edward Kennedy served in the US Senate for nearly 47 years. It was just too long and is a clear example of why we need term limits for all political offices. Politicians of either party in office for decades do not live in the real world. The founders intended that our elected officials be citizen representatives not elected for life. Kennedy like all Democrat Socialists never understood Economics 101, the law of unintended consequences or what was necessary to protect the vital interests of the United States. Senator Edward Kennedy did far more harm than good during his time in office. May he rest in peace.

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