Saturday, August 29, 2009

Senator Harry Reid - Missing In Action

Democrat Socialist Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Majority Leader of the US Senate is missing in action. Senator Reid will not show up for a face to face town hall meeting in Nevada because he knows it will turn into a riot. After all, it was Senator Reid who called those of us who attend Tea Party Protests, evil mongers and a members of a "mob. As such, Senator Reid is extremely unpopular in Nevada, with poll ratings in the toilet. Nevada is a purple swing state about evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. The inner city of Las Vegas is solidly Democrat. The suburbs of Las Vegas are 50/50. And, the entire rest of the state including Reno and the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe are majority Republican. Hence, my home state of Nevada has a Republican Governor, a Democrat controlled legislature, one Democrat Senator (Reid), one Republican Senator (Ensign), two Democrat Congressmen and one Republican Congressmen. The mayor of Las Vegas is a Democrat while the mayor of Reno is a Republican.

Most important, Senator Harry Reid is up for re-election in 2010 and as of now various Republican challengers are polling better than Reid. The reason this is happening is that Senator Reid has been missing in action or worse related to the serious issues we face in Nevada. The state of Nevada has among the highest unemployment rates in the country at 12.5% because both tourism is down as a result of the recession and President Obama, who has never managed any public or private enterprise, angrily denounced corporate America for holding business meetings in Las Vegas. Right after Obama came out against Las Vegas, $400 million of convention business was immediately cancelled because companies did not want the visibility of holding business meetings in Las Vegas even though it is one of the most cost effective venues in the country because convention priced hotel rooms are comparatively cheap. This is one of the reasons federal government employees always show up for conferences in Las Vegas because the room rates fall below federally approved rates. In addition, as a result of Obama's pronouncements, Wells Fargo, forced to take TARP money, cancelled a conference they had planned for Las Vegas and instead moved it to San Francisco; no doubt with room rates twice the cost of Las Vegas. Mr. President, if only you had worked in business you would know that companies, organizations and government employees go to Las Vegas because it is cheaper than other venues. In coming down on Las Vegas, you actually cost the Treasury corporate income tax revenues because companies using more costly venues will just have higher business deductions. If only President Obama and other Democrat Socialists understood the law of unintended consequences.

In any case, when President Obama came down on Las Vegas, the Democrat mayor of Las Vegas went ballistic and demanded an apology and a retraction. But once again, Senator Harry Reid first said he agreed with the President and then when the fire storm came, Reid was again missing in action. Next, Nevada has the highest foreclosure rate in the country. Again, Senator Harry Reid is missing in action because Obama's SwindleUS Package, that Reid pushed through Congress, has done nothing to grow the economy and end the recession. Obviously as people lose their jobs in Nevada because of lack of convention business which Obama caused, they cannot make their house payments which is contributing to Nevada's foreclosure rate. And, all this deficit spending including the SwindleUs Package that is bankrupting the United States is probably making matters worse.

Yes, Senator Harry Reid, who comes from Searchlight, Nevada has been missing in action. Perhaps we need to build a tall light house in Nevada that would shine all the way to Washington DC to remind Senator Reid that he works for the people of Nevada not President Obama. Senator Reid, you can run and you can hide; but come November of 2010, we know where to find you. I suggest you start planning your retirement now because we are going to do all we can to help you find another job. Maybe, your friend the President will appoint you the Czar in charge of defeated politicians then you and former Senator Tom Daschle can meet regularly to reminisce about your days in office.

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