Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obama's HealthScare Program - Death & Taxes

If the 1,018 page US House version of the Obama HealthScare Program passes the full Congress and is signed by the President, it will the largest expansion of the federal government in American history. Aside from bankrupting the United States which it will surely do, this legislation will lead to intrusion into our lives like no other law is our history. In addition, it really should be called the Death and Taxes Bill because it also provides for a huge expansion of IRS authority to monitor our personal finances like never before. This new law which is supposed to make us healthy is going to make us really sick and tired of dealing with government bureaucrats. It will lead to rationing and a lower quality of medical services just as has occurred overseas.

The word "penalty" is used in this legislation 156 times. The word "tax" is mentioned 172 times. So if we don't do as instructed by the federal government we will be hit with penalties and new taxes at ever turn. And, a new Czar, a Health Choices Commissioner is actually going to make the rules, yet to be determined, that govern our lives.

Obama plans to pay for HealthScare by cutting Medicare benefits by $500 Billion and raising taxes on the "rich" those earning more than $250,000 to bring in another $500 Billion. I guess that would be all right if this new government entitlement actually ends up costing what is projected, however, just when has the government been right in its projections? Medicare, which is bankrupt, is actually ten times more expensive than was originally projected in 1965 when the law was passed. If Obama's HealthScare Program is true to form, rather than cost $1.2 Trillion over the next ten years, it will be 10 times more. So senior citizens will ultimately pay to provide insurance to 12 million illegal aliens by rationing of services to them. The so-called "rich" will pay more in taxes; but it still won't be enough because raising taxes never results in higher income to the government. Just wait and see, the next thing we hear about is a VAT (value added federal sales tax). More on that in another posting.

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