Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obama's Shadow Government

President Obama has appointed more than 30 Czars without Congressional approval while most President's have had 3 or 4 to govern various hot topics like Drugs or National Security. Some of Obama's Czars are left wing radicals, known communists or environmental wackos. Many of Obama's Czars came from radical academia. It's funny the word Czar actually emanates from the Russian word Tsar which meant emperor. This Russian word came from the Latin word Caesar which was adopted by Roman Emperors to honor Julius Caesar after he was assassinated. However, President Obama has chosen the wrong Russian word to designate his many Czars costing tax payers millions of dollars. Instead, and going forward, we should refer to all these Czars as Commissars as the more appropriate Russian Communist word for this shadow government.

What is interesting about Obama's Commissars is that they duplicate the Cabinet that is authorized by the US Constitution. In fact, it is hard to understand why anyone would want to be a Cabinet member since with these Commissars in place Cabinet Secretary's are irrelevant as Hillary Clinton is discovering. Instead, everything is being run from the White House. As such, these Commissars fall outside Congressional oversight which admittedly is suspect; but better than nothing as a check and balance on the Executive Branch. Most important, these Commissars jobs, at high salaries, represent a pay off to all of Obama's left wing cronies. This is Chicago style patronage at its best. And, if it was harmless and just millions of dollars at stake, we could look the other way; but unfortunately, appointment of these Commissars has a sinister impact. Many of these Commissars believe in redistribution of income through high taxation. They want the 50% of us that pay income taxes to support the other 50% in the United States that pay no income taxes at all. They support environmental wacho schemes like Cap and Tax that will cost millions of jobs, accomplish little and raise energy costs for families by an average of $3,000 or more a year. These Commissars are not troubled by the $9 Trillion deficit (which will probably be double) that is now projected in the next ten years. It does not bother them that Medicare and Social Security are bankrupt. Clearly, Obama's Commissars are there to loot the federal government even if it bankrupts the country to support all their favorite socialist schemes, ACORN, government owned companies, the HealthScare Program and their supporters. In fact, they want to see a bankrupt US to foment a "crisis" that will result in even more government control of our lives. Again, Thank God for Fox News because without Fox there would be no oversight at all of President Obama shenanigans.

P.S. It was reported that Michelle Obama has a staff of more than 20 at a cost of several million dollars when other first ladies did very well with just a few attendents. Again, this is just more Chicago style patronage at tax payer expense. While Michelle does need someone to help her with proper dress as First Lady, I suspect most of these people are just more political operatives for the President at taxpayer expense.

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