Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Obama Schizophrenic On Oil

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama has turned schizophrenic on oil.  At the same time that Obama is attempting to use an Executive Order to make 12.28 million acres of land in Alaska, including oil rich Anwar, a national wild life refuge, prohibiting oil drilling; Obama is now suggesting that from 2017 - 2022, the Atlantic Seaboard, as well as, 10 more areas along the Gulf Coast would be opened up to oil drilling and federal leases.  In the process, Obama has angered both the elected Republican Members of Congress and the Governor of Alaska and Socialist Members of Congress from the East Coast. 

So which is it Mr. President.  It is all right to drill for oil off the East and Gulf Coast; but not all right to use a few square miles of land that would be needed to drill for oil in Alaska.  This Blogger supports Energy Independence for the United States; both as a National Security issue and to increase the standard of living for all Americans.  Oil production translates into good paying jobs in the United States that can't be off shored.  Energy Development is the US is the key to restoring our Middle Class and really helping the poor through economic development and job creation. 

We do need an all of the above Energy Policy that makes energy cheaper, safer and cleaner.  That means more oil, natural gas, clean coal, nuclear and renewable sources of energy developed in the US so we can tell oil producing countries in the Middle East, that drag us into their wars resulting in American deaths, to go pound sand.  So, this Blogger applauds Obama's decision to open up the Atlantic Seaboard and more areas in the Gulf coast to oil drilling; but if there, why not in Alaska too.  Where is the logic??

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