Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Obama's State Of The Union - Just More Big Government Higher Taxes & Job Killing Socialism

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama gave his sixth State of the Union Address and it was just more of the same Tax and Spend Big Government Socialist Schemes that are bankrupting our country.  Of course, Obama wants to raise taxes on the "rich", which previously were defined as couples making $250,000 or more when they raised the tax rate in the Fiscal Cliff deal to almost 40%.  Another 3.8% was added in ObamaCare bringing the federal income tax rate for a successful working couple to around 44%.  Capital Gains taxes were already raised as well.  Of course, this does not include the average 6% paid in state income taxes and all the other Sales, Property, Business Licenses and special fees charged by local, state and the federal government so that taxes for many working couples can exceed 55% when all is counted.  This Class Warfare argument is getting really old when about 50% of Americans pay no income taxes at all.  We already have the most progressive income tax system in the world.  It is not that taxes are too low.  It is that government spending is much too high. 

But for Obama and his Socialist pals in government, it is never enough.  Obama wants to raise taxes even higher on the Makers in society, those the create all the jobs, to pay for more government entitlements when we can't even afford the entitlements already on the books.  Social Security, Medicare and ObamaCare are all headed toward insolvency.  Obama told us how Obamanomics and his foreign policy have improved life in America and the world.  Oh really?   The real unemployment rate is about 11% if all Americans are counted, the unemployed, the under employed working part time that want full time work and those that have just given up looking for work altogether.  This amounts to more than 10 million Americans.  The Labor Participation Rate, at just over 62% representing the number of people actually working is lower than three decades ago.  While the poverty rate, under our first Black President, is higher than it was when Jimmy Carter was President.  Blacks in particular are worse off today than when Bush II was President. 

About 50 million Americans are on Food Stamps and Welfare up 20 million since Obama was first elected.   10 million Americans are on Disability benefits, which comes right out of the Social Security Trust Fund, up 2 million since Obama first took office.  The Middle Class in America is earning less today, in real terms, than when Bush I and II were Presidents.  If things are so good according the Obama, how come all these numbers are so bad.   

During his speech, Obama did the victory dance related to dealing with Terrorism in the world.  There was not one mention of Al Queda, who Obama told us a few years ago was on the run.  ISIS in Iraq and Syria is beheading Westerners and murdering other Muslims, Christians, Jews and anyone else that stands in the way of them establishing a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond.  Yemen and Libya that Obama claimed as a success stories are now controlled by Terrorists.  Russia has invaded Ukraine.  Iran is closer to having nuclear weapons than ever before.  There have been Terrorist attacks in the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Australia, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, throughout the Middle East and various other countries.  The fact is that the United States is in far more danger today because of Obama's feckless and incompetent foreign policy than when George W Bush was President after 9/11.  The world is on fire, yet Obama spent little time in his State of the Union Speech dealing with the War on Terror and or made any mention of the Islamic Fascist Terrorist threat that we face seemingly everyday. 

Then there are all the Obama Scandals; Fast and Furious, IRS Dirty Tricks, Benghazi and the NSA spying on all Americans.  Nevertheless, Obama clings to his Socialist ideology calling for higher taxes and more government spending even though he has added $6 Trillion to our now $18 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight, more than all the other Presidents combined.  ObamaCare is a train wreck that has negatively impacted millions of Americans.  We have civil strife on our streets as many Blacks are making war on our city police departments.  This is happening because Obama is a divider not a uniter.  In fact, our nation today has never been more divided since the Civil War. 

Mr. President, the State of our Union is not good under your stewardship no matter what you say.  Obama will go down as one of the worst Presidents in American History.  Clearly, Obama has been the most divisive, polarizing  President in American history.  The picture I present are all facts, not fiction, SPIN, or Obamanista propaganda.  All we can do is count the days until the end of the Obama Presidency.  It is going to be a long two years before morning in America  assuming the American people elect the right candidate.          

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