Monday, January 5, 2015

Obama On The Campaign Trail Again To Announce Executive Orders

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama is going out on the campaign trail AGAIN to pitch a variety of Executive Orders he is planning.  Obama plans to visit various US cities to put forth "his" new laws designed to get around the Republican controlled
Congress.  Please Mr. President, anything you want to say can happen in a televised speech.  Save us all the money it will take to put Air Force One in the air.   Besides, we have probably heard it all before.  It would be much better if Obama were to stay in Washington and do his job by meeting with the leaders in Congress to actually get something done rather than further divide our nation. 

Only about 40% of Americans still support Obama.  They are Obama's die hard PEEP's, many of whom are on the dole, one way or another.  The rest of us are tired of all the lies, SPIN and propaganda we constantly hear out of Obama's mouth.  It is no surprise that the Washington Post keeps giving Obama all those Pinocchio's because he so frequently lies to the American people when he gives a speech.  It is getting really old.

We need to see action on the Keystone Pipeline, comprehensive Immigration and Tax Reform, School Choice for kids in failing public schools, balancing the budget and paying off the National Debt, saving Social Security and Medicare and dealing with Terrorism around the world.  It is time for Obama to stay in Washington DC and do his job.  We don't need any more speeches, or Executive Orders.  What we do need is a government that actually works. 

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