Friday, January 23, 2015

The Middle East & North Africa Are On Fire

While Emperor Pinocchio Obama fiddles, the Middle East and North Africa are on fire spreading Terrorism around the world.  The moderate Sunni government in Yemen, presumably friendly to the US, has fallen.   A rebel Shia Group, supported by Iran, may very well take over the country and or there will be all out Civil War between the Sunni Al Queda and the Shia's.   Either way, the US will lose, since neither would be friendly to US interests in the Middle East.  Iran, an enemy of the United States, is gaining influence all over the region in Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, parts of Afghanistan and now Yemen. 

As a result of influence in Yemen, this could mean that Iran may not only control the Straight of Hormuz; but also the entry to the Red Sea through which oil tankers often pass.   Of course, we could neutralize any Iranian attempt to take control of these water ways; but it won't be pretty if we need to do it.   In the mean time, Iran continues to develop nuclear weapons.

Sunni Saudi Arabia, that just lost their King to natural death, is now potentially surrounded by countries dominated by Iran, their traditional Shia mortal enemy.  The Saudi's are keeping oil prices low to punish Iran and Russia for supporting Assad in Syria.  At some point, the Saudis will need to rally other Sunni Arab nations to defend against Iranian influence and aggression.  Saudi Arabia will also have to become a nuclear power because Iran will have nuclear weapons and soon.  We could see all out war in the Middle East.  It is as though the play book in Revelations in the Bible is coming true  There could very well be Armageddon coming in the next twenty years if we don't move to stop all of this. 

Libya, that Obama claimed as a success story, has been taken over by Terrorists.  As a result, we had to abandon our embassy in Libya, which may also soon happen in Yemen.  Terrorist groups in Somalia, the Sudan and Nigeria are murdering Christians and kidnapping children.  Iraq is disintegrating because of the ISIS threat, which became possible because Obama failed to keep any forces there once the war was over.  ISIS is murdering Muslims, Christians and Jews and anyone else that opposes them.   Hamas and Hezbollah continue horrendous Terrorist attacks in Israel.  We have also seen Terrorist attacks in Britain, Australia, India, Pakistan, France, the United States and other countries and there will be more if we don't destroy the enemy first. 

Yet, Obama claims the war is over just because he initially pulled troops out of Iraq that have had to go back in and he is pulling troops out of Afghanistan.  The reality is that the War on Fascist Islam is not anywhere near over.  We need a grand coalition of nations, focused on defeating and destroying Fascist Islam no matter how long it takes.  That will probably mean allied troops on the ground in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and maybe other countries.  There is no other way to defeat these Islamic Fascists that want to kill our people and destroy our freedoms.  This is World War III.  Obama has his head in the sand and just refuses to see the forest for the trees.    

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