Thursday, January 22, 2015

Republicans Should Just Say NO To More Socialism

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama is out on the campaign trail, as usual, while the world is on fire, pitching his latest tax increase scheme and new entitlements added to the existing ones that are bankrupting our country.  Of course, Obama is so unpopular that he can only speak on college campuses to his left wing PEEP's and Groupies.  Obama is imploring the Republicans in Congress to just say Yes to all of his Socialist schemes.  Hopefully, those ideas are dead on arrival and should just be ignored.  In essence, Republicans Should Just Say NO to more Socialism. 

Can we get real.  By the time Obama thankfully leaves office in two years, he and his pals in Congress, with some RINO help, will have doubled the National Debt to about $20 Trillion in just eight years. Obama will have added more to the Debt than all other 43 Presidents combined.  And, this does not include unfunded liabilities of more than $100 Trillion to pay for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and federal pensions.  The states too are sitting on Trillions of dollars of unfunded liability to cover their state public employee pensions and other debts.  Many of these programs and promises are headed toward insolvency.  Think Detroit City for the whole country. 

If all of the wealth in the United States was confiscated, not just a percentage, it would not be enough to pay for all these promised entitlements.  Our country has reached a tipping point, yet Socialists at the President's State of the Union Address applauded the President for pushing even more entitlements and higher taxes.  The combined IQ of all Socialists in government might get them to the MORON designation; but certainly not higher.   To be fair, RINOS have contributed to this problem over the years; but just maybe we have elected some thinking adults to Congress in 2014 that are prepared to deal with Entitlement Reform, cutting spending to balance the budget and paying off the National Debt. While Hope is never a strategy, we can hope. 

It is impossible to tax our way out of this mess because higher taxes would result in less economic growth and job creation.  The only way out is much higher economic growth and job creation and more people actually paying lower taxes.   We have to shrink the size of local, state and federal government from the current 40% of GDP down to about 30% of GDP.  That would be 20% for the federal government and no more than 10% for local and state governments.  The only way to do this is to cut all the waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy in government that exists now.  And, we must Reform Entitlements to save them and not add any more.  This is all just common sense, fifth grade math and Economics 101. 

There is now a new Republican controlled Congress.  Our only hope is that the Congress will pass laws to get our country back on track.  They should do what is in the national interest of our people and pass those laws on to Obama.  Obama will undoubtedly Veto many of them; but at least Republicans will prove that they can govern.  If it does not happen, we will see the economic collapse of the United States, which will result in Civil Strife on our streets and the potential dissolution of our country.  Don't think it can't happen because it has happened throughout history.    

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