Sunday, May 23, 2021

St. Louis Has The Highest Murder Rate In The United States

The city of St. Louis has the highest per capita murder rate in the United States at 87 murders per 100,000 residents.  So of course, the new Black mayor of St. Louis, Tishaura Jones has announced that she plans to defund the police and put the money into social programs and perhaps more social workers.  She claims that half the 911 calls that come into the city can be handled by social workers.  Really!  While the suburbs of St. Louis are often lovely and safe; St. Louis is a relatively small town.  Clearly, many parts of St. Louis are No Go Zones; but that would not stop criminals from crossing into nearby suburbs to commit crimes.  They go where the money is.  Well dah!

All residents of St. Louis and suburbs nearby should be furious.  Ironically, defunding the police will hurt the poor most who are most at risk of experiencing crime and the murders that happen most often in high crime areas.  All people in St. Louis and surrounding areas should take action to protect themselves.  That could mean buying guns and carrying them when outside the home.  All homes should have security systems and where possible walls and gates to make it harder for criminals to commit crimes.  Those that live in nicer areas should hire private security to protect their homes.  

Many American cities run by Socialists are becoming Brazil where murders, car jackings and robberies are common.  In Brazil's major cities, people who can afford it all have private security in many cases armed guards to protect them from criminals.  The movement to defund police will lead to this outcome. Hopefully, the people of St. Louis and surrounding suburbs will rise up to stop this radical socialist Mayor from turning St. Louis into Brazil.  The life they save may be their own.  

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