Sunday, May 2, 2021

Federal Government Funding Racist 1619 Project

The Federal US Department of Education is providing grants to school districts that adopt the racist 1619 Project in their curriculum.   This is tied to Critical Race Theory ideology that puts slavery at the center of American history in ways that are just plain and simple lies.  It is revisionist history that ties all aspects of American history to slavery one way or another.  Republicans in Congress are attempting to stop all of this; but it is happening by Biden's minions. 

So, the American Revolution happened to protect and preserve slavery in their thinking, which is nonsense.  Slaves built America, again nonsense.   Whites are racist White Supremists.  All Whites have benefited from White Privilege.  Tell that to the many White immigrant groups that faced incredible discriminations when they arrived in America.  This curriculum seeks to shame White children for just being White.  

Slavery was a terrible evil; but it did not cause the Civil War.  The Civil War was fought because Southern States seceded from the union to preserve slavery and expand it to other states, which Lincoln opposed.  And, Southern States opposed many of the tariffs the North imposed on foreign goods to protect Northern industries.  The end result was reciprocal tariffs on Southern goods that hurt the Southern economy.  800,000 people died during the Civil War over these issues.  Slavery was ultimately ended as a result of the Civil War.

Slaves did not build America.  Slaves were mostly involved in agriculture in the South.  Some slaves provided manual labor in the building of the Capitol and no doubt plantations in the South.  The America we know today happened as a result of the Industrial Revolution that began after slavery was ended.  No doubt, freed slaves worked along side immigrants of all races from around the world to build America.  That is the truth.  

Concerned citizens must rise up to prevent this Project 1619 and Critical Race Theory revisionist history from being taught in our schools and universities.  It is indoctrination not based on historical facts.  This racist ideology seeks to demonize our Founding Fathers and further divide our country along racial fault lines.  This ideology is dangerous.  The great, good, bad and ugly should be taught about American history; but the truth must prevail based on facts, not a bunch of lies.  

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