Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Biden Continues To Put America Last

Since the day Joe Biden took office, he has put America Last and we see the end result.  One of the first things Biden did as President was to stop the Keystone Pipeline.  Of course, that Canadian oil is still coming into the United States by Warren Buffet's trains and trucks, which even members of Biden Administration have admitted is putting more pollution into the air; but Biden did not care.  In addition, Biden has stopped the oil and natural gas leasing of federal lands.  So of course, the cost of gasoline at the pump is going through the roof.  No doubt, by the end of the year, gas will be at $5 a gallon in most states, which will impact the cost of everything we eat, do, buy etc.  Raising energy prices hurts the poor most.  It is effectively a tax on living. 

But things get even worse,  Biden just approved the natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.  Trump, who the National Socialists and Fake News claimed was Putin's stooge, stopped this from happening while he was President.  Trump stopped it for two reasons.  First, it is a national security issue.  Having Germany dependent on Russia for energy will subject them to energy blackmail by the Russians.  And two, we are in a position to sell liquified natural gas to Germany, all that they need.  So Biden has just cost American companies and our country billions of dollars in business every year. 

Biden is either an idiot or a moron, which ever is the lower IQ.  We know that Biden is feeble with dementia; but it is starting to look like whatever medications Biden takes everyday, he must also be taking stupid pills.   Destroying American Energy Independence is stupid and benefits China.  Allowing Russia to sell energy to Germany denying US companies that market is really stupid.  Biden's first 120  days in office have been a disaster for our country and the world.  It just keeps getting worse by the day.  

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