Friday, May 21, 2021

Watch CSPAN To See Deep State Swamp Lizards In Action

CSPAN began in 1979 to allow the American people to see Congress in action for the first time in American history.  So today, we see the House of Representative and Senate "working" when they are in session, which includes numerous hearings that go on most days of the week.  It is great to watch CSPAN if you need to take a nap because most of the time what you will see are members of Congress trying to look smart.  Many of them fail at it. 

More important, when watching CSPAN you will see all the Deep State Swamp Lizards kissing each others butts because they are all feeding at the trough.  So, there will be Cabinet Members, the military, lobbyists and lawyers of all kinds testifying.  Of course, very often the senior management of the 100 largest global companies that control 50% of our GDP shows up sometimes when subpoenaed to protect their business interests.   What is also interesting is that these hearings speak of billions and now trillions of dollars often authorized by Congress to pay for all sorts of pork barrel projects.  Everything discussed is "critical" to our nation.  Life as we know will end according to all the Swamp Lizards if the United States does not add to our soon to be $30 trillion national debt to fund everything conceivable.  

Watching CSPAN will probably help you realize that as President Ronald Reagan used to say,  "government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.   It has never been worse than it is today.  The National Socialists are doing everything they can to make government even bigger; though Republicans are good at it too.  The bigger the government the less our freedoms as they attempt to control all aspects of daily life.  Feeling like you can't breathe.  I know I am feeling suffocated.  

The really good thing about CSPAN are often the history lectures, some of which are actually based on facts, rather than some Socialist Critical Race Theory, or 1619 Project Racist Revisionist History that is nothing but propaganda full of lies.  You will know real quick if you are getting the truth, or PC BS in just a few minutes of watching their history segments.  In any case, CSPAN is great for watching Deep State Swamp Lizards in action.  After watching for a few months, you will see why we desperately need term limits for members of Congress.  Many of these dinosaurs, like the one in the White House, have to go and the sooner the better.  

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