Sunday, May 16, 2021

To Wear A Mask or Not To Wear a Mask

Not that many people are paying much attention to the Center for Disease Control's pronouncements anymore and Dr. Fauci in particular because they have been wrong on so many issues; but I think they are now saying that those that have been vaccinated for Covid do not need to wear masks anymore inside or outside before saying a day earlier that everybody had to continue wearing masks for the rest of our lives.  Some big box stores have announced no more masks within their stores unless apples are on sale.  

Honestly, the public is so confused by both the CDC and the Biden Administration that nobody really knows what to do.  Since this Blogger and his family have all been vaccinated, we are going back to normal unless of course, the FBI or the DOJ arrest us for being Conservatives who refuse to wear masks. When we go to court, we will just plead the Fifth Amendment refusing to admit to wearing or not wearing a mask unless of course when they do the strip search they find a mask hidden in our underwear.

Like so many things in this Covid fiasco for the last year or more and government dictums, we have reached crazy.  A few months ago, the CDC said there was no problem with kids going back to school, since they are not transmitters of the disease after putting parents and our country through hell for the last year closing all schools.  Tell that to the teachers unions that have refused to go back to work on site at school.  

Millions of people in the United States have been vaccinated.  Maybe we should have a tattoo on our forehead proving it.  Those they have not been vaccinated are still supposed to wear masks.  But who would know the difference.  I don't think they have invented a screening machine yet to determine who has, or has not been vaccinated.  In any case, I guess we are good to go unless of course some little Hitler in a store, local or state government decides to ignore the CDC science and guidelines.  It is already happening.  

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