Friday, May 7, 2021

National Day Of Prayer Without God

The National Day of Prayer began with President Bill Clinton.  Every President since then has proclaimed the National Day of Prayer each year in May by acknowledging God as the basis for the day.   But not this year.  Joe Biden recognized the National Day of Prayer without one reference to God.  So, if we are not praying to God, what is the point of the day. 

Joe Biden who supports abortion right up until birth and even after pretends to be a devout Catholic.  The problem is that one of the basic tenets of the Catholic Church is the sanctity of life.  So much so that the US Catholic Conference of Bishops and many Bishops individually, including the Bishop in San Francisco have said that Catholic politicians that openly support abortion, including Joe Biden cannot receive Communion because they are not one with the Church.  It's about time.

So, the most visible "devout" Catholics like Socialists Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durban, Tim Kane, John Kerry and others must be excluded from Communion.  They are free to attend mass; but priests, bishops, cardinals etc. including the Pope cannot serve them Communion.  If it happens, parishioners must stand between the priest and these supposedly devout Catholics doing the devil's work killing innocent babies.  

Joe Biden showed us who he is when in proclaiming the National Day of Prayer he failed to mention God even once.  Biden is a wolf in sheep's clothing.  Joe Biden is certainly no Catholic.  He really should join one of the liberal Christian denominations that support abortion.  They would welcome him with open arms.  

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