Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Biden and BLM Terrorists

Joe Biden has approved flying the Black Lives Matter (BLM) flag at American embassies around the world.   BLM is a Terrorist organization that worked with Antifa for the last year rioting, looting and burning down buildings destroying many businesses in the process.  It is estimated that these criminals have caused over $2 billion in property damage including to many government buildings.  While the National Socialists are focused on the January 6th riot at the Capitol, the fact is that BLM has wreaked havoc and destruction in many cities across the country.  People have died or been injured at the hands of BLM far worse than anything that occurred on January 6th; yet the National Socialists will neither investigate nor condemn BLM. 

This recent action by Joe Biden tells me that radicals within the National Socialist Party have threatened him with removal by the 25th Amendment for his dementia if Biden does not do exactly as they order him to do.  Flying the BLM Terrorist flag at our embassies around the world is supporting their crimes, which are numerous.  How could any President in his right mind approve this. 

But wait a minute, Joe Biden proves daily that he is not in his right mind.  Biden's handlers keep him sedated and well rested to prevent him from making too many obvious gaffs.  Biden maintains a very light schedule of perhaps a few appointments a day and then nap time.  Biden has clearly been given the list of what he must do to stay in office.  Everyday is some new left wing dictate ordered by the National Socialist left wing of their Party.  

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