Monday, May 17, 2021

Cancel Culture - Attack On First Amendment Rights

There should be no doubt that Cancel Culture is an attack on our First Amendment Rights guaranteeing Freedom of Speech, Religion and Press; unless of course we are Conservative and Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Military, Pro-Cops, Pro-Lower Taxes and less regulations, Pro-Energy Independence, Pro-Traditional Family and Marriage, Pro-Secure Borders and against Illegal Immigration and Pro-America First.   If we dare express our opinions on any of these topics, we will be cancelled by the National Socialists, Education Establishment, Fake New and the Deep State including the largest corporations in America.  

And, if we support Election Integrity and Voter ID and believe that there was voter fraud in key states in 2020 that cost President Trump the election, we will not only be cancelled, the Deep State will label us White Supremist Racist Insurrectionists.  We are simply not allowed to believe that the election was stolen even though we saw it with our own eyes.  The Deep State cannot allow us to believe that feeble Joe Biden won by voter fraud because it delegitimizes his Presidency.  

Well too bad.  The Deep State can implement all the Commissions they want to investigate "the real causes of the January 6 riot at the Capitol"; but it will not change one thing related to our beliefs.  We know that Donald Trump won in 2020.   Trump received the most votes of any sitting President in American History.   No candidate in modern times has won Texas, Ohio and Florida as Trump did, where elections were honest and lost the election.  This tells us there was something rotten in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia where the dead voted and some voted absentee ballots that were not theirs to vote.  We saw it happening.  

We get it.  The good news is that parents and other concerned citizens are rising up not to riot, but to stop Critical Race Theory and Project 1619 racist ideology and revisionist history from being taught in our schools.  We are using our First Amendment rights no matter what they call us.  We are mad as hell and they are terrified.  School Boards are in a panic because people are showing up at Board Meetings across the country to Just Say No to this Socialist propaganda.  Many have died to protect our freedoms.  We will not allow those practicing Cancel Culture to take freedom from us.  They are going to feel the heat from now on.   The battle has been joined.  

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